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5 fab things this week #22

Wow, the weeks are rolling by, it seems like only yesterday I was writing my last weekly round up.

I’ve really enjoyed (most) of this week, I had a few things planned with the children and an unplanned meet up with some mums from Charleys nursery. We also had a lovely Saturday visiting family, and then a quiet Sunday due to Bodhi having a rash, although he seems fine in himself.

Unfortunately a routine check up for Charley has resulted in disappointing news. She’s now got Uveitis (simple terms inflammation in her right eye) meaning she is on steroid eye drops  3 times a day for the next 4 weeks until we go back to the opthalmologist. The first attempt at getting the eye drops in wasn’t great so if anyone has any tips they’d be gratefully received!

Anyway, on to the positive!

5 fab things this week

A trip to Little Street

The children had a great time at Little Street. There is a mini-scale street with a hairdressers, supermarket along with ride-on toys, a construction are and doctors. Worth a visit in you are close by.

Visit to Little Street

Mummys coffee morning

One of the mums at Charleys nursery organised a coffee morning at their house this week. It was lovely to meet up with some other mummy’s and finally put names to faces of the little ones. Everyone was so lovely and I was really pleased I’d gone along. It did make me feel grown up though as there was a bit of talk about the schools we were hoping our little ones would be going to next year. Makes me feel like a proper responsible mummy!

Crafty time

One afternoon I got organised and did some craft with the children. I thought we would have a go at rolling some conkers around in some paint in a big cardboard box and also do some leaf painting. Neither went according to plan. Charley did have a great time though painting the bottom of the box and her arms until they were a lovely brown colour whilst Bodhi had fun taking the lids on and off the paint pots. Neither of them had any interest in painting leaves!

Craft time

Sibling laughs

Charley and Bodhi have been quite cute to watch together this week. They enjoy a bit of rough and tumble, which starts in lots of giggles and normally ends with Bodhi in tears. He really likes blowing raspberries on her tummy at the moment too! When Charley was watching CBeebies he went and sat next to her on the floor, it was really sweet to see!


Shopping in Guildford

I had a few things to get in town this week so all three of us popped in for some lunch. Charley decided she needed her sunglasses on and looked super cute! I even managed to start my Christmas shopping, with both the children with me.

Shopping in sunglasses


How has your week been? Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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15 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #22”

  1. Lovely to look for all the positives in the week. It’s also fab to get to know some of the other mums that will be doing the whole school thing with you, it’s nice to have support! The little street looks brilliant. Nice to have a place like that nearby, what a good idea! #fartglitter

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  2. Looks like you’ve had a lovely week. I really like the look of the Little Street. My two would love it!

    Just one tip for your eye drops… I had laser eye surgery a few years ago and so had to put tons of drops in. They told me the easiest way was to hold your thumb and forfinger in a pincer shape with your finger at one corner of your eye and your thumb at the other. Now pinch the bottom eye lid gently and then (very gently) pull it away from your eye. You should then have a little v shaped pocket between your lower eye lid and eye? Pop the drops into that little pocket. Then release your fingers and blink. The drops should then be washed over your whole eye just from the blink. (Hope that makes sense – not easy to describe without showing you haha). Works brilliantly on your own eyes. Haven’t had to try it with the tots yet but maybe worth a go? Hope it helps xx

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  3. Good week but shame about Charley’s eye. Sounds a good tip for putting in the drops worth a try. Now you feel a proper grown up mummy talking about next schools, gets serious doesn’t it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like you guys have had a good one. The Little Street looks fab. It’s been a busy one for us. No I haven’t started my Christmas shopping. Getting nervous about it!

    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, I enjoy reading your round-ups! And yay, lucky for you that you managed to start Christmas Shopping. I usually never go without mine because I’ll end up at the Toy section and having to buy something for them. Little Street looks like such an awesome idea! Hope to see you again and hear about your lovely family at #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

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