Cleaning and me

Me and cleaning

Housework, why doesn’t it ever go away! And why do I spend so much time thinking about cleaning (though not actually doing it)?

It’s a constant battle when you have children. There is always stuff to tidy away and things to clean. The house just never stays tidy or clean for long.

Cleaning and me

There are toys, stickers (oh the stickers), shreds of paper, soggy multi-grain hoops everywhere, everyday. Oh and raisins, they pop up everywhere, especially in the car and pushchairs.

Pushchairs. Oh pushchairs, in this weather with no porch. That is what I need, a porch, then I’m sure at least the floor would be cleaner. We have wooden floors so they wipe up easily at least, but twice a day on nursery days the floor is filthy!

And is mine the grubbiest pushchair out there? The children eat in them, they get pushed through the mud, sand (in summer), and I put suncream on the children whilst they are in the pushchairs meaning it gets on the straps. Do I ever clean the pushchairs? Heck no. I try to tip them upside down when I put them back in the car but do I hoover them or wash the covers. Nope. Does anyone do this? When I get one of the children out I think I should and then I forget again!

This seems to be a running trait of mine. There is a pane of glass in our house at toddler height, that I pass byΒ most days that is covered in finger prints, its been like it for ages. I only notice it every now and again, mostly when friends are round and think I really must clean that. Then I’ll either forget or think whats the point, as soon as I clean it the finger prints will be back on it!

I do prefer the house when it is clean but with two little people I find it so difficult to keep on top of.

I don’t mind laundry, well the washing side anyway. Ironing is a pain in the bum, though I have started ironing the children’s clothes on a weekly basis. I normally leave my own clothes until I have nothing to wear and fortunately my husband does his own!

Luckily, my husband is not super tidy either, though will have sudden moments where he will have to get the bleach out.

We’re pretty good when we have friends or family staying over night. It’s usually pretty last-minute but it means the house gets a good clean, at least the parts that will be seen and slept in.

I’m definitely one of those people who has a good clean before people come (except close family, sorry Mum), and then only the rooms I can get away with. I just have to hope then that they don’t want to see the rooms I haven’t done!

I know it is a chore but there is so much more interesting stuff to be doing than cleaning, like blogging for example. Now if I didn’t blog, I would definitely have more time for cleaning.

The only thing I have a routine for is changing bed sheets and towels, everything else is down to priority!

Sometimes I think I would like a cleaner, tidier house, but what would be the price to pay. I can’t justify having a cleaner as I no longer work and there are only a couple of days a week when Charley is at nursery and Bodhi has a nap where I enjoy time to well, blog, so the housework has to fit in around the rest of our plans for the week. And I’m not going to stay in just to get the house in order.

Again, once I’ve put the children to bed, its back to me time which is generally either blogging or cooking dinner for myself and my husband. God, I’m sounding quite lazy and selfish!

Sometimes I try to do a little bit of tidying here and there and then feel a bit better about it, but I just can’t get into a routine that fits my life somehow.

Anyone else with me on this? Do you enjoy cleaning? Do you have routines/schedules for it? Or are you more like myself – I like to think a bit laid back about it?!

Let me know in the comments below!


Best of Worst

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49 thoughts on “Me and cleaning”

  1. I can’t be bothered to clean everyday either, especially when I arrived home tired from work. Most of the time, I asked my kids to tidy their room if it comes at the stage where I can’t anymore see the floor but it will take ages before they do it though. Cleaning can wait when we have visitors, lol Lovely post! #bestandworst

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  2. Ah the merry-go-round of housework. I try to tidy up when the twins are a pre-school, then I can enjoy at least 30 minutes of tidiness before the mayhem resumes. It’s like fighting a losing battle and I agree with you there are better things to do than housework! #bestandworst

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  3. I hate cleaning and I wish I was better at it! I’m definitely one of those people who will do a mad house clean if we have people coming over..but like you said, just the rooms they will see haha! It’s so hard to keep things tidy with children around – my 3 year old can ransack his bedroom in about 3 seconds flat. Just now I went in to see he’d got ALL his puzzles out and they are all mixed up on the floor…..argh! #bestandworst

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    1. My 3 1/2 year old says she is tidying her room which means putting loads of things away into boxes and then I can never find anything. I thought I’d lost one of my sons jumpers the other day, hadn’t seen it for ages but my daughter had ‘tidied’ it away into one her boxes! #bestandworst


  4. You could be me and we have a cleaner! I do it but only when we are having people over. The kitchen, bathroom and sheets get sorted but yes window stains – check. Raisins – check. Gross buggy – check. Life is too short lovely πŸ™‚ Clean later. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon!

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  5. Haha! This sounds just like our house! The fingerprints on all the toddler height glass is horrendous! And I think my pushchair is definitely in the running for filthiest on the planet, along with my car/everything else I own! I want to be cleaner, but its just at the bottom of my list of priorities! I’ll be better at it when the children go to school! My mum finds it disgraceful, and gives it a good going over once a week when she visits, so that’ll do for now!

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      1. I always thought the same thing, but I’ve found with all the extra time I have while my kids are at school, the LAST thing I want to do is clean! Haha! Plus the fact that after they get home, they make short work of making it all a mess again!

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  6. We have a cleaner who comes once a week. I will miss her when we move. Left to my own devices I only normally do the visible bits but every now and again I go mad and spend hours. For some reason I love sorting our boys toys into the right containers.


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  7. Some days I wish someone would tell me they’re popping round in half and hour so I go in to mad dash cleaning mode! I am also a fan of stacking up clutter/toys and chucking a throw over it- just gives the impression we have a lot of odd shaped furniture though! #coolmumclub

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  8. I hate cleaning, and am crap at it, which makes me hate it even more. My idea of cleaning is getting all the toys and dumping them in a huge chest I keep in the kitchen at the end of the day. Seems to do the trick! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

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  9. I HATE the state of the house. I also hate cleaning and then seeing it looking exactly the same 2 days, sorry, hours, later!! I do as much as I can, I also panic clean before visitors and this christmas my fil is staying and they will have our bedroom. Eek!!!! So it will be a full house job. I’m sooooo looking forward to that one! Not!! πŸ˜‰ I think there are limits to what you can achieve with children, there are also the brilliant arguments of the reason you are not at work is to be with the children and watching you clean is not much fun for them, and also that you will have plenty of time to clean when they are at school. Or blog, and make children’s books and videos, which is what I’ve just started doing. Anything to get out of mopping hey?! πŸ˜€

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  10. Oh to have a cleaner!
    Nope, I’m like you, so many other things take priority and to be quite honest I can’t be bothered. This pregnancy is taking it out of me quite a bit though so I use that as an excuse too.
    I started a rota, and blogged about it (go see) so that I try and get just a couple of jobs done each day rather than it being a mammoth task but even then, I’ve been a bit lapse with it.
    Once I’m on mat leave (as from tomorrow), I’m hoping it will be a bit easier time wise but we’ll see!

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  11. Oh thanks for describing my life ha! I am so getting a cleaner when I go back to work I just can’t be chuffed to keep on top of the housework and everything else in between! Popping over from #coolmumclub and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst too πŸ™‚ x

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  12. If I hired a cleaner, I would be cleaning before the cleaner came! It’s a love-hate relationship no wait, I lie, it’s a hate-hate relationship but I do have very strict timetable for myself if not, I’ll never get anything done. #coolmumclub

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  13. You’re not lazy or selfish! I also hate cleaning and think it’s boring – you have summed up my exact feelings on the topic. Cleaning may be necessity (at times) yes but it’s a shit one we don’t want to make time for! We had a cleaner once, when I worked full time, but a luxuary we don’t have now but need more than ever we with two little time consumers!! Something’s not right there…


  14. Haha i love this post so much! I don’t hate cleaning, but I rarely do it. My big trick is being tidy. I am so OCD it’s bad! I rarely ever dust or hoover. But there is a place for everything in my house so it’s constantly tidy (only because it usually takes seconds to put away. Evie has one giant toy box for her things downstairs and one up so everything gets strewn in there at the end of the day. But I am with you on not cleaning the fingerprints on windows and the washing the pram covers. Popping in from #KCACOLS


  15. Oh gosh I’d love to live in a tidy house but with my two this isn’t possible. I find the more I try to clean the more my girls {Holly} in particular tends to mess. Take Thursday for instance I decided to have a good clean and after I had finished cleaning each room, a certain little princess messed it up *grrrr*. Talk about frustrating! So yes a lot of the time it’s just easier to not clean at all. I wouldn’t call it being lazy though more like being sensible lol.xx #KCACOLS

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  16. I could literally have written this myself! I’ve been sooo bad with our cleaning recently! When I first started on maternity leave before I started my blog I was pretty darn good at it, but like you I have better things to be doing these days – like blogging of course! We also have a dog who sits and looks out of the window all day and I’m totally blind to all of the filthy marks he leaves on the glass now (as well as Taylor’s finger prints!). I’m actually embarrassed by our pushchair at the moment – it gets pushed over muddy fields on a daily basis and I have never ever cleaned it. My hubby isn’t super tidy but last week he actually told me that I should give the skirting boards and wooden blinds a good clean. Skirting boards???! I did have a bit of a reality check though and I’ve started to try and do ‘one thing I’ve been meaning to do’ each day (outside of blogging!) It’s going well so far but we will see how long it last! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday! x

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  17. Oh gosh this is such a true post, it’s like you’ve taken it from my mind. Pre-motherhood my house was spotless. Now I tell myself I’ll do it when they nap but find myself on the sofa with a brew and biscuits catching up on some tv. You’re not alone πŸ™‚ #KCACOLS

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  18. I was out walking with the baby and the dog earlier. I looked at the state of the pushchair when we got back – it was covered in mud. For a moment I thought about whether I would look like a better mum if I gave it a clean. Then I thought about all the other things that I could be doing that I enjoyed…and well, here I am commenting on your blog. Pushchair? What pushchair πŸ˜‰ #KCACOLS

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  19. I totally miss the days of having a cleaner. It was so lovely having a clean house. I honestly am a slob. I hate the state of our house but can never seem to find the time to do it even though the kids are at school five days a week and I don’t work! And I don’t manage to blog enough either. I really don’t know what I do with time. The irony is that when I actually DO get on with cleaning, I find it therapeutic but I build it into such a THING beforehand that I rarely do it! #effitfriday

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  20. I really want a cleaner, I think I need one I have a huge aversion to cleaning and only do if I need to the same as you when someone comes over! I totally agree blogging is so much better than cleaning #KCACOLS

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