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Uveitis: getting eye drops in my 3 1/2 year old

To look at Charley you wouldn’t know that anything is wrong with her. She walks, runs, jumps, dances and balances on one leg. She loves showing me this! She is feisty, loving, beautiful and bouncy!

Nobody would know that she has a weekly injection in her leg, regular blood tests and eye tests, daily doses of folic acid, and now to add to the pot eye drops three times a day.

In her short little life she’s had an MRI and steroid injections into her joints all under general anaesthetic.

She’s had countless trips to hospitals and visits at home from nurses.

Diagnosed with juvenile arthritis last summer and now Uveitis, you just wouldn’t know anything is wrong with her. And there isn’t that the eye can see.

The weekly injection keeps her joints moving and the folic acid keeps her growing.

The blood tests check the injection (of methotrexate) isn’t having bad effects inside.

She’s always handled the injection so bravely. Not much fuss, a few tears on occasion but generally she has been a star.

Is it because we have remained calm or is it just her inbuilt way?

I don’t have a problem with injections or taking horrible medications myself (not that I have to) so I’ve always been confident in it not being a big deal for Charley and she has been fine.

Eye drops though are a different matter. Just that one tiny drop that has to go in the eye. Its a weird feeling, eyes naturally want to shut when something comes towards them.

I hate things going in my eyes so I completely understand why Charley is struggling with us. Yet it is so difficult and I’m getting stressed doing it. I know that if I can remain calm it will be easier for her but as soon as she starts pushing me away I start getting anxious.

My husband has been holding her on his lap and tries to help, saying it needs to be done calmly, but she’s only 3 1/2 she doesn’t understand that its really important to get the drops in. We’re not even sure how much is going in her eye. (She has such long eye lashes that sometimes the drops get stuck on them!)

We’ve got another 3 weeks to go before our next appointment with the ophthalmologist. Fingers crossed it will have cleared up and no more drops will be needed. If only this illness would go away.

In the meantime, I’ll speak to the nurse giving her injection in the morning. I know I need to remain as calm as can be, and research some other methods. (We’ve had a few tips that haven’t proved successful so far). She’s given a Percy Pig at the end of the day for having all her drops but it’s not working that well. (Not sure that would cut it for me either!!!!)

If anyone has any other tips for giving eye drops or remaining calm please let me know!!

A Cornish Mum

7 thoughts on “Uveitis: getting eye drops in my 3 1/2 year old”

  1. You are doing really well and you certainly wouldn’t know anything is wrong with Charley. Difficult to explain to a little one the importance of having something in her eye, wonder if there is a children’s story book about someone having eye drops?


  2. Bless her, it’s awful when you have to force them to do something. I had to sit on Fin when he was little to do his inhalers as he hated them.
    His first insulin injections took me and two nurses to restrain him. I just told myself it was for his own good and stayed calm in front of him – with the inhalers I bought him a special toy that he could only play with after doing his inhalers as a reward, it worked in the end.
    Good luck – you kind of have to admire their fighting spirit though 😉
    Stevie xx

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  3. Oh bless her – I don’t think I would want to stay still for eye drops either, can’t blame her for not wanting to stay still! I hope you don’t have to use them for too much longer #PicknMix

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