A November day out at RHS Wisley
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A November day out at Wisley

RHS Wisley is one of my favourite places to go with the children on a day out. We’ve been members since they were little and always have a lovely day there.

A November day out at RHS Wisley

As the weather was looking dry on Wednesday we decided to go there for some lunch and a little walk. It happened to be an extremely windy day so we ended up spending a lot more time inside than out!

As soon we get inside the gardens it makes me feel chilled and relaxed. There is just a lovely atmosphere there, with the children free to run about with no cares.

RHS Gardens Wisley

There are hills to climb, walls to walk on, grass to run through and flowers to smell and gaze at, amongst many other things.

It is kept so well and there is always something amazing to see. The changing leaves in Autumn, the butterflies in the greenhouse in the new year months, flowers throughout the year. There are fruit and vegetables to see, and herbs to smell. There are fountains, waterfalls and ponds. Fish, ducks and birds to watch.

First stop was lunch as usual. There is always a great choice of food for adults and children. It seemed most other people had ventured inside too, out of the extreme wind!

With full tums we headed off in the direction of the greenhouse, stopping to look at the pond and taking some snaps along the way. Charley enjoying walking along the bendy benches.

One of the bigger ponds at Wisley

Inside the Greenhouse it was warm and barmy, a welcome warm up from the gusts outside. A bright display of chrysanthemums, bypassed by Charley as she could hear the waterfall. We had a quick look before Charley was pulling my mums hand to go up the slope to see the waterfall from above. We quickly gazed at the colours of the tropical plants as we walked along.

Flowers at Wisley

Up to the top and into the even warmer climate, where my mum was quickly pulled back down the stairs.

A few more photos and a walk around the plants inside and we had to go back out again. Fortunately Charley had heard me talking about the soft play area and was certain that was where she wanted to go.

So me and my mum grudgingly headed off to soft play (who am I kidding – did I mention the wind?). Hot drinks for the adults and fun for the little ones in the wind battered soft play area!

Wisley soft play

Bodhi was very excited to see a number of tractors going back and forth passed the windows.

A bit more energy used up and it was time to head back to the car before the rain came.

We headed back along the scenic path, with tiered gardens to the right, above the numerous ponds. The gardens were being tidied and cut back over the winter.

Wisley tiered gardens and pond

There were advertisements of Christmas lights and walks in the next few weeks so I’m hoping there will be some dry days to come back for a visit.


Have you been to Wisley Gardens before? What did you think?

Do you have any Rhs Gardens near you? Have you visited them?

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15 thoughts on “A November day out at Wisley”

  1. Ahh it looks brilliant! I’ve got it on my list to visit but it’s a tiny bit far for me. Would definitely be more of a day out than just a trip out. We’re members at Hilliers and that is always so lovely to have a charge around and relax in whatever the weather. #bestandworst

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  2. You’ve put it exactly how peaceful it is, lovely place to wander, thanks for introducing me to it and we do have a lovely day there in all weathers. Big bonus as well good eating/drinking places

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It looks like it has everything really! Gardens, water, soft play…a cafe! haha my best bet of going to national trust when we go is eating lunch. So yummy. It has been really windy recently. I hope you get to go back for Christmas – can really get you in the mood. Thanks for linking with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve heard so many good things about Wisley, looks like an excellent place to visit at any time of year, although maybe not the best when quite so windy! Had no idea they had a little so play area too, it looks fab!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can see why it makes you feel calm, even with children. It’s beautiful and with so much space. I adore those tiered gardens and that little play area looks so fab. I wish attractions like this were still open where I live. They all seem to close off in Winter which is such a shame. Thank you so, so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

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