In need of a new routine?

In need of a new routine?

After posting how good Bodhi is sleeping at night and napping in the day in his 18 month update, last week he decided he’s not so keen on napping! Arghhhh. It’s like he’s suddenly realised that there is fun stuff going on downstairs and he doesn’t want to miss it.

In need of a new routine?

For ages he was having his nap between 10 or 11am for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and he’d easily go down for this nap. Then he started getting a bit more difficult to get to sleep so I moved his nap time back to after his lunch (which I gave to him pretty early). A couple of days a week we have to pick Charley up from nursery at 3, so his nap has to fit in with this.

Charley is at nursery until 3 on a Monday and Tuesday so we haven’t been doing much on these days as he’s been so good at napping and I’ve taken advantage of having these few hours to get some stuff done. The rest of the week we’re out and about, so we don’t stay in for him to have a nap then.

So I’ve been wondering if we need to do some activities in the morning to burn off his energy, so that he will go down for his nap more readily, as I don’t think I will he will be able to last the whole day without a nap.

Hopefully he will also enjoy going out, meeting some other little people and doing some different activities.

The trouble is to get to any activities mostly means going in the car, which means he is likely to fall asleep in the car on the way back (most activities start half way through the morning). Then there is the dilemma of trying to transfer him into his cot from the car without him waking up.

Then I need to factor in lunch and picking up Charley. Ideally, we would have lunch out so that he’s eaten before we get home and I could transfer him to his cot, otherwise he might fall asleep in the car without having had lunch and then he may need lunch after he wakes up, which would mean its late for lunch and picking up Charley!

Routines for little ones seem such a nightmare sometimes, trying to get it all perfectly timed!

Anyway, so today I tried the ‘new’ routine. We went to the local swimming pool for a little splash about, which didn’t go quite according to plan as I’d got the swim times wrong but after a little wait we did get in the freezing pool. Then we or rather I had a sandwich, Bodhi didn’t seem to like his, whilst out. By this time it was gone 12.30 and I was sure he’d fall asleep in the car, but he didn’t. So I was able to put him in his cot when we got home and he went to sleep really easily and nearly had 2 hours. Wahoo.

Early days though, so I’ll try not to be too smug just yet. Tomorrow we’re going to a playgroup within walking distance, hopefully this will work out too. I’m not ready for him to stop napping in the day yet!!!!

Did your little ones suddenly stop napping? What are your routines like?

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28 thoughts on “In need of a new routine?”

  1. Fingers crossed that the new routine helps encourage Bodhi to have a nap – it’s so hard when they start thinking they don’t really need one (even though they usually still do!). My youngest decided that she didn’t need a nap in the day around her second birthday which I definitely wasn’t ready for. Putting her down in her cot tends to result in her just doing acrobatics and singing to herself – the only time I can get her to nap is if she falls asleep in the car. Thankfully, if I time it right, I can usually transfer her from car to cot but I do miss the days when she would go down for a nap a little more readily! #coolmumclub

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    1. Activities in the morning in the first part of the week have definitely helped him go down easier for his nap, and it was really nice to go out and do some fun stuff with him too. My daughter stopped napping in her bed about 2 years old although wasn’t really ready to so we ended up doing a lot of driving! #coolmumclub


  2. At least you can take him out the car once asleep. I’m currently sat in the car whilst my little one naps and I darent move him. Good luck with the new routine – they always seem to throw a spanner in the works once you find your grove.


  3. We have always been quite strict with routines, and nursery is really good for my little one too. He recently transitioned from 2 naps to 1…however sometimes he does need that extra morning nap still. I find it difficult to go with the flow, but I have started taking his lead on things recently. By the end of the week at nursery he is knackered so may need a little longer sleep, or an extra one at the weekend to catch up. We all get tired by the end of the week so i guess they are no exception. #coolmumclub

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  4. Around this age they go through weird phases of not wanting to sleep but mama knows best! I think the key is to keep them active in the morning and persevere without getting stressed about it because they smell it. My 2 and a half year old dropped her nap completely for a week (so I replaced with quiet time) but now she has gone back to napping again. It is SO confusing! Good luck and thanks for linking to #coolmumclub lovely x

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    1. Yeah its like I’m 18 months old I know you are playing with my toys I’m not sleeping anymore!!! Activities did help earlier in the week, which was really good. Just difficult trying to fit everything in before nursery pick up! Thanks for hosting x #coolmumclub


  5. Sorry I don’t have any helpful tips, my just-turned-one-year-old isn’t a great napper. In saying that I find when she picks up her bottle that means she’s ready for a nap (but only in the afternoon, it never works in the morning)!
    I hope you figure it out!! #coolmumclub

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  6. Mini R is 18mo next week and he goes down for a nap about 12:30/1 for 2-3 hours. This does vary from day to day as he doesn’t nap as long at nursery and this week, on my days off, one day he slept 3 hours and the other day he slept an hour! We try to do something in the morning and then sometimes fit in a short outing in the afternoon. Like today we played at a friends he had lunch there and when we got home he was happy to go for a nap. Afternoons are difficult as he has his tea at 5 so if he doesn’t wake from his nap till 3:30 (I won’t let him sleep past then) we don’t always have time to do much:

    I really hope he doesn’t give up on napping for a while! Us mummies need the break/chance to watch Hollyoaks *insert other soap here* (😂😉) don’t we?! #KCACOLS


    1. The activities in the morning when Charley is at nursery seem to be working well. There are a couple of baby groups that are within walking distance so in the new year I might try and brave those. Think he’d really enjoy them, then he could have a nap after we’ve come back and had lunch, fingers crossed! Definitely need that little break in the day, mostly to catch up on blogging for me! x #KCACOLS


  7. My daughter was never a napper but swimming always done the trick. My niece goes like clockwork everyday after playgroup. If she doesn’t go with half an hour she gets ridiculously grumpy and whingy! I hope you find something to keep the naps going #KCACOLS

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    1. I like the idea of swimming in the morning. Did try it last week and it worked, its just if he falls asleep in car going home before he’s had lunch, then everything ends up being late and we have to fit in the nursery run too! Think he would be grumpy for the afternoon if he doesn’t have a nap! #KCACOLS


    1. I guess it won’t last for much longer. Charley was about 2 when she stopped napping at home (though never very good at napping), they’re still quite young to entertain themselves at that age so not much gets done! I’ll make the most of it while it lasts!


  8. My little one is 11 months so it’s a kind of transition period for us. Some days she’s having 1 nap others she has 2, but I do think your little one is definitely recognising he will miss out on things if he naps. Bless him! You’re doing everything right, let’s hope he gets settled into routine soon #KCACOLS

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  9. My eldest stopped having naps around that age, he would fight it and he really did need them still as he was a nightmare if he didn’t have one. Some days were better than others, he annoyingly napped fine at nursery. Hope you manage to sort it. Thanks for linking to #PicknMix

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  10. I think it was a great idea to keep him busy and active and he definitely needed that to get tired and be able to do his nap. I’m so glad the new routine is now working for you! Fingers crossed!! I know how difficult it could be for us when our little ones don’t nap as we really need that time to get our things done and also to have a me time too. So I understands how much you are not willing to give up that nap!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS! I hope you join me again tomorrow for the last #KCACOLS of 2015!!! 🙂 xx

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