A blogging break

So, I ended up having more of a blogging break than I indended over Christmas. I initially thought I would cut down a lot, still write a few posts but the few weeks before Christmas day were so busy getting the last Christmas presents, the house sorted out for the big day and other bits and bobs that I can’t even remember now that I just didn’t have the time or energy to write or link up with anyone.

I had been hoping to get a few posts drafted over Christmas and sort out a few things on my blog but this didn’t happen. Even when we had a week away at Coombe Mill, Cornwall  (hoping to do a post on this soon!) I was planning on getting some stuff done for my blog but again we were busy every day there and the children weren’t settling very well in the evening.

Of course the pressure to blog only comes from me, and mostly I do really enjoy doing it, but there are also the times when I wonder why I am doing it, what’s the point, does anyone read it. Then I remember why I started blogging in the first place, to record memories of the children.

However, it has been really nice to have this break from blogging although I have missed the community and reading all the other blogs too. It was starting to take over my life a bit and I could do with working out what I want to do with my blog.

In November I was spending every evening writing a post, linking up and commenting and therefore not getting much else done. I don’t want to fall into this pattern again, but it is very addictive so this is something I need to think about in the coming weeks.

I’d like to start reading books again, having a relaxing bath in the evening, maybe start doing some crafty thing! I do love blogging but I don’t want it to take over the little ‘me’ time I do have. It’s so difficult to get the right balance.

I have a few ideas for my blog that I need to spend some time thinking about but as we are back into the nursery school routine next week there will be more time. I’m hoping then to decide on a few things and work out how to get the balance right going forward.

Have you worked out a blogging/work/life balance yet?

A Cornish Mum

10 thoughts on “A blogging break”

  1. I think it’s so easy for blogging to take over your life. I too had a longer than planned break over Christmas – I has a few posts scheduled but I didn’t write anything new and i hardly touch social media. The break was refreshing but I am glad to be back now! #PicknMix

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  2. I think it is great that you have had a blogging break. Sometimes, it takes a break to see what you really want to do. I also think it is great that you get to spend some good quality family time over Christmas. We didn’t go any where. It was a quiet Christmas for us. My children are still very small so they were in bed by 8pm. I was then able to catch up with blogging things. This week for me has been getting back to the blogging routine – by thinking that linking up more linkies would be best – how wrong I was! I will be cutting down some over the coming weeks. I just ran myself down for no good reasons. I do blogging for myself and not for others is the lesson I’ve learnt this week. xx #PicknMix

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    1. Blogging is so lovely but so addictive it can take so much time up. In December it was definitely taking over my life. I’m going to try and not join so many linkies this month. I do enjoy reading all the other blogs though too! I think your point at the end about blogging for yourself is really important and we all need to remember that. #picknmix

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  3. I had a bit of a break over Christmas and I know what you mean about blogging taking over a bit. Having a break at xmas made me realise I needed to get better organised, so that I have more free time to do things other than blogging! Good luck on finding a better balance 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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