Bodhi at 19 months
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Bodhi at 19 months

I started blogging to capture memories and milestones of the children. Bodhi is still at an age where his development changes on a monthly basis, so I wanted to record these times before I forget them.

Bodhi at 19 months

I’ve been having a bit of a blogging break over Christmas so I’m a bit late with this months update.

Weight & clothes size

He’s about 24lb according to our scales at home, though he doesn’t really stay still on them for too long.

Bodhi’s tops, vests and pyjamas are now all size 12-18 months, and he is starting to wear some 18-24 month tops now too. I’ve also just bought a new snuggly coat for him in the sales as his jacket is looking a bit snug. His 12-18 month trousers are now fitting a lot better too.

Still in a size 3 1/2 F shoe, but I think he must be due to have his feet measured.


I think he is teething at the moment as he has got his fingers in his mouth a lot. He’s also still really clingy. Something must be going on! Difficult to see what is going on in his mouth though. He has finally got his 4th tooth through at the front bottom.


Bodhi is still sleeping really well. He’s been settling really well at bedtime and wakes up in the morning only when everyone else is awake. We haven’t really been at home much for naps, he’s mostly been napping in the car or in his pushchair. Hopefully this won’t affect his naps when our normal routine starts again next week.


Bodhi still really likes eating, though I think he may be starting to get a sweet tooth. I really need to start getting him to eat more vegetables so I’m planning on getting more organised with dinners and hiding vegetables in them.

Bodhis favourite foods are still grated cheese, pom bears, grapes, pears, kiwis, chocolate and ice-cream. He also homes in on any naughty food that I might be eating.


There has not been much change in the actual words that I can make out. All birds are still called ‘duck’. He does point to lots of things in a room so I tell him the name of the objects. He’ll also sort of say ‘that’. He is quite good at making sounds like for thank you. He also sort of sings to row, row, row your boat and there were ten in the bed (roll over).

He says ‘bu’ when he sees a bus and gets very excited.

Although he isn’t saying very much at the moment he is very capable of getting what he wants and also understands things we ask him to do (and sometimes does them)

Favourite things

Still really enjoys his ride-on toys, spends most of his time at home on these.

Cars are also turning out to be a favourite thing, or anything with wheels can entertain him for a while.

He also likes swings, slides and merry-go-rounds at playgrounds.

Puddles are also a favourite at the moment.

Jumping up and down on his grandads stomach.



Having things taken off him that he shouldn’t have.

Being away from his mummy.

His big sister bossing him around.


Still a mummys boy, but I mostly love it. It can be difficult at times when you are trying to get stuff done and he won’t go to anyone else!

He is mostly very easy going. Happy to go in the pushchair or car seat at the moment. Though he is getting more difficult to get in the high chair and to wear a bib, so it means lots of mucky clothes.

He will get his changing mat, nappies, wipes and his shoes and socks etc when asked.

He seems to want to be quite helpful at the moment, long may it last!

He’s pretty good at walking for a fair distance, so I need to let him out of the pushchair more, he’s quite happy to hold my hand most of the time too.

Bodhi beach puddles

He’s really starting to turn into a little boy and I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops in the coming month.


What are your little ones up to at 19 months old? Do they say many words? Are they walking and running?


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13 thoughts on “Bodhi at 19 months”

  1. Oh he is cute. It does sound from your description like he is teething. I love the one “jumping up and down on grandpa’s stomach” made me laugh. Angela from daysinbed

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  2. OMG Julie, he is really growing up!! I can tell the difference as I have been following all your updates since las year!! He is such a cutie. It is great that he is sleeping through the night with no problem. I think this is so important so you can rest too. Sienna is also a good sleeper. She also doesn’t talk as much but the poor little thing must be so confuse between spanish and english. I’m trying very hard this time to speak just spanish with her. Mine also has the same dislikes lol!!! I’m going to do a 18 months update of Sienna soon. She is now 17 months but I haven’t done one since she was 1 year old so there is now plenty of things to talk!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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