5 fab things this week #27
Days out

5 fab things this week #27

I meant to have a break from blogging but still do my weekly round up but it was so busy over Christmas and New Year it just didn’t happen. I’m missing a few weeks of these but one of the missing weeks I hope to capture in a post about our week away at Coombe Mill.

Charley only started back at nursery this week so there has been lots of family time, late mornings and evenings and not much of a routine! Hopefully, the routine will be back by the end of the week and sleep will also be back.

5 fab things this week #27

Wildlife tots session

We had a lovely time at this last week. The first half hour was in a little classroom with tables set up for either drawing or making a bird feeder. Charley stuck to colouring in a hedgehog while Bodhi was happy to look out the window at the birds going to the feeders in the trees outside. Then there was a story sat on a rug and after that it was time to put our wet weather stuff on to have a walk and activities in the woods. It was great to see nature in a different way and both children loved the experience.

Wildlife tots
Water frozen in a balloon with food colouring

Puzzle time

Some weeks seem to go by and I don’t feel like I’ve sat down and played games, with Charley in particular, so one evening we opened up one she’d got for Christmas and played that. It was really enjoyable and I think she really enjoyed having my (mostly) undivided attention for a little while at least.

Puzzle time

Play gym session

Another different activity for the children this week that was brilliant. The session was held in a gymnastics hall so was full of their equipment for children to use safely plus a bouncy castle and lots of Little Tikes ride-ons. Charley and Bodhi both spent most of the time on the ride-on toys and the inflated running mat thingy! I so wish this had been around when I was little! It was only an hour long but that was all that was needed to wear Bodhi out after running up and down.

Play session in gymnastics hall

Christmas scooters

The car was in such a mucky state last week that even I needed to get the hoover in it to get all the sand and food out of it. In-between the showers one day last week, I managed to do this while the children used their scooters.

It was so wet on holiday that they hadn’t had a chance to use their scooters they’d had for Christmas. Bodhi would have stayed out all afternoon on it whilst Charley needed a bit more encouragement. (This is Bodhi’s photo face at the moment!)

Christmas scooters

A day and night away

I had a night away with my husband at the weekend. It was for a family birthday (fab party) and it was lovely to be able to have a full conversation with people for a change and a proper lay in too (after an afternoon of drinking eek!)

It was also lovely to get back and have big cuddles with our little ones, knowing that they had had a great time with their grandparents.

Are you back into your normal routines after Christmas and New Year?



6 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #27”

  1. OO I like the blog idea of five fab things! Great post! Love where you spent an evening playing a game with your daughter – its sometimes so hard to find the time – and we know it’s important – we get that – but sometimes the week just takes over and there doesn’t seem to be 5 minutes – we must make more time – note to self! #TwinklyTuesdays xx

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  2. A good varied week of activities. The gym looks brilliant and the tots wildlife centre sounds a good place for them but a bit of home time can go down really well. The photo face is interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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