Pyjamas make a change

My Captured Moment – Pyjamas

Charley is a bit funny at the moment about clothes. In shops she will have to take off her coat and cardigan straight away, even if I tell her we will only be in there for a minute! A little frustrating in this weather as then it has to be bundled back on. She also won’t wear trousers as ‘they have pockets in’, new leggings I got her for Christmas won’t be worn as they have buttons on the ankles and she won’t wear tights (I don’t know why). At night time she doesn’t like wearing anything either, normally she will just have pants on, and then the duvet will be pushed right down when I go in to see her, even though she feels cold to touch.

Anyway, the other night she actually put on some pyjamas before bedtime, for having her stories read, and I just had to take some photos as I think children look so cute in them. So, in case it never happens again when she is still little(ish)!

Pyjamas make a change

Then, when Bodhi was in his all in one before bed the other night I realised that this would be the last lot of (cute) all in ones I would probably buy for him. I guess when he goes up to the next size I’ll just buy pyjamas so thought I should try to get a last photo of him in them.

last all in one

Running in Lavender

18 thoughts on “My Captured Moment – Pyjamas”

  1. My little one is very similar when it comes to clothes. She knows exactly what she wants to wear each day (although I sometimes have to persuade her that wearing a bathing suit in winter is not the most appropriate item to wear). Luckily we never have a pyjama discussion though -she loves wearing hers. #MyCapturedMoment

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  2. So lovely!! Lottie is very independent and will tell me what she likes and dislikes. She hates tights and anything woollen so we do struggle to wear pretty things! And the same with the coat thing! I try to let is go mostly, easier that way ha ha!!

    Jess x #mycapturedmoment

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  3. Very cute photos in their pyjamas. I’d say Charleys is definitely a Downes – sounds like both Arthur and Patrick , very sensitive skin, feel uncomfortable in things I would class as soft and very rarely wear anything more than a t-shirt as they are never cold (lucky them!)

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  4. Ah I miss all in ones they are so cute, although my tow now wear onesies. Joe my youngest is exactly the same, never got a coat on it is a constant struggle, and he goes to bed in pjs but never wakes up in them x

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  5. Hi Julie, both photos are cute. It’s sad when it’s the end of a childhood era, such as all in ones. My daughter was happiest without clothes on when she was little too (thankfully she keeps them on now she’s sixteen), as a toddler she was more out of them than in.


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