5 fab things this week #28
Days in, Days out

5 fab things this week #28

It was definitely a bit of a shock to have to get up when the alarm was going off this week, due to Charley being back at nursery. I made sure we had lots of activities planned with Bodhi while Charley was out and the week passed by in a whizz. The weekend was also busy being back at swimming, meeting up with (old) uni friends and a party for Charley. It was a great first week back! Here’s my 5 fab things this week.

5 fab things this week #28

Charley’s uveitis

We were back at the hospital for Charley’s 4 week check up to see how her uveitis was. She got the all clear. Wahoo. He said there was no sign of the uveitis but she still has to continue with one eye drop a day, as they don’t like to stop them too suddenly. We’re back in 4 weeks for another check up of her eyes. At least for now though they are quiet.

A cold trip to Devils Punch Bowl

I wanted to get the children out last week using their bike and scooter so when the forecast looked good at the end of the week we headed to the Devils Punch Bowl in Hindhead. It was a lovely, sunny cold day. Charley wanted to take her bike and I thought Bodhi would enjoy using his scooter. I thought I’d done a good job of getting Charley bundled up with lots of layers but she got cold pretty quickly so was on and off her bike and then just wanted picking up completely. Bodhi was very happy to either walk or scoot along. Its made me realise I really need to get some proper winter clothes sorted for the children! Gloves especially, Charleys hands were frozen, oops.

Bike and scooter at Handheld

Dancing and spinning

I always go to my parents once a week for dinner with the children. The children normally have a mad 20 minutes after they have eaten and before getting ready to leave. Why is there always a last mad burst of energy before bed! This week they both had a lot of fun spinning round and round, and then falling over. (Before leading to much overexcitement and Charley squishing Bodhi as usual!)

Mad half hour dancing

A new bathroom is in progress

We’ll have lived in our house for 9 years in the summer and have never decorated the bathrooms. We always planned to and then children came along and it got put on the back burner. It’s been fine but the sink doesn’t work properly and the bath looks ancient (though fortunately is white) and needs updating. So my husband has taken everything out today and taken off the tiles.  Hopefully, the new bathroom will go in relatively easily and there will not be any leaks!!!

Bathroom upheaval

Charley feeding Bodhi smarties

I had to include this in my fab 5 as I love it when there is some sibling love for a change. Charley had been given smarties in her party bag today and decided to feed them to Bodhi from a spoon. He was loving it and they just looked so cute. Also great for Charley to share her sweets with her little brother!

Sibling smartie feeding

Hope you’ve had a good week! Maybe we’ll get some snow down South next week!

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10 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #28”

  1. A busy week! Glad its been ok, its hard to get going after a break isn’t it?! We too haven’t updated our bathrooms before and we are starting tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that! Have a lovely week next week! 🙂


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