In the January sun
Days out

My Captured Moment – Siblings in the January sun

On a bright, sunny day last week we headed to a local National Trust site so that Charley could use her bike and Bodhi could use his scooter. Charley found the bike a little difficult to cycle so she was constantly on and off it (she got really cold as well). Bodhi loved using his new scooter though and was getting some good speed up! Fortunately, my parents had come as well so we had plenty of hands to carry little people and bikes and scooters after a time!

At one point, Bodhi was scooting along with Charley running alongside. It’s another phase that we are entering into with Bodhi becoming more mobile. It was just lovely to see them together sharing this moment in the cold, January sun.

In the January sun

Running in Lavender

8 thoughts on “My Captured Moment – Siblings in the January sun”

  1. What a lovely picture. I love the fact that Charley is trying to keep up with her little brother. It is fabulous that a photograph is able to preserve the memory of something that you otherwise would have forgotten. #MyCapturedMoment. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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  2. These sunny morning outings are really something to treasure, aren’t they? I love this stage, when they’re old enough to get aroun themselves, but still getting the hang of it. #MyCapturedMoment

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