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My Sunday photo - Ducks and an icy pond

My Sunday photo – Ducks and an icy pond


I took this at RHS Wisley Gardens last week on a sunny, chilly day.
Most of the ponds and streams were still frozen. I had to do a double take of these ducks as I thought they were standing on stones, but it was their reflections on the icy pond.
My Sunday photo - Ducks and an icy pond

Author: Sleepingthroughyet

I'm mum to Charley and Bodhi. I blog about days out, craft hits and misses and parenting stuff . I also talk about my daughters diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (kids get arthritis too, yep they do) and her progress.

8 thoughts on “My Sunday photo – Ducks and an icy pond

  1. It amazes me that their feet don’t freeze. That said when it is frosty or snowy with us our ducks often stand on one leg, presumably to warm up the other one!

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  2. That’s a really good photo and they certainly look as if they are standing on something.

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  3. I bet they’re thinking to themselves where are they meant to swim now

    Thank you for linking up

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  4. What a great photo – I love the images that their reflections create too #mysundayphoto

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  5. Bless them! Love the feel of this shot #MySundayPhoto

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  6. Burrr! The weather changes so fast, it was warm and sunny here today and Guy, Clio and me went for a surf at Polzeath.

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  7. Wow! Very chilling! They are so very brave! Beautiful soft focus there. x

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  8. What a brilliant photo – love the reflections of the ducks

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