5 fab things this week #29
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5 fab things this week #29

It’s been such a change this week to have some sunshine around. Although the nursery walk is pretty chilly it’s just lovely to see everything in the bright sunshine. We’ve had a lovely week out and about, and we’ve found a new childrens activity place to go to. Here are my 5 fab things this week:

5 fab things this week #29

A visit to RHS Wisley

Wisley, as you might know, is one of my favourite places to go with the children. This month until the beginning of March there are butterflies in their greenhouse. We went last week when the sun was shining and it was just above freezing. All the ponds and streams were frozen but everything looked so beautiful in the sun. The butterflies were also amazing, there were some lovely blue ones which were my favourites. One lady had one sitting on her hat!

Butterfly at Wisley
My best attempt at taking a photo of a butterfly

The Discovery Look Out, Bracknell

I’d never visited here before but it is just brilliant. There are 90 odd activities for children of all ages and our children had a brilliant time. Some of it is even quite sciencey although the activities are so fun, the children wouldn’t think they are educational too. I’ve written about our experience of it here.

The Look Out Discovery Centre Bracknell

A trip to Portsmouth

After being very organised for the week, at the weekends we are not, unless we have specific plans. Therefore, after swimming on a Saturday we are often wondering what to do for the rest of the day and then its often gone and we haven’t done much. However, this Saturday we decided on the spur of the moment to go down to Portsmouth to watch the hovercraft, eat chips out of cones and get some dinner at Gun Wharf Quays. It worked out really well, the children love watching the hovercraft, going in the amusement arcades (teaching fine motor skills not gambling!) and the atmosphere of the coast.

Hovercraft at Portsmouth

Siblings in Portsmouth

Rice playing

We haven’t had the coloured rice out for a while so one free afternoon the children had a good play with it. Charley enjoyed it particularly, making up her own games and would have happily played with it all afternoon and night I think!

Coloured rice playing

Mr Marvel Party

The party season has well and truly hit Charley’s nursery. Today she went to a Mr Marvel party which was pretty fab. It was at the childs house with an entertainer who did magic tricks, a Punch and Judy show, had a rabbit, a disco, and a snow and bubble blower. There was all the usual jelly, biscuits and lovely food that kids love. I definitely need to start getting organised for Charleys birthday in March!

How was your week? Did you manage to get out in the sun?


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  1. A good full on week. Very good photo of the butterfly. Love the one of Charley standing with Bodhi, looks as if Charley has taken his cone of chips and left him without any!

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