Charley and Nanny
Days out

My Captured Moment – Grandparents

I consider myself to be pretty lucky that I live near my parents and am able to meet up with them regularly for dinner or days out. It’s also lovely that they both have such a special bond with both of my children.

Charley gets on well with both, but has a special bond with my mum. Often when we are out with my mum Charley will only want to hold her hand, or sit on my mums lap or get my mum to take her to the toilet etc.

I love this photo below taken when we were out for my birthday when Charley was just coming up to two years old, it just captures everything special between them. The second was taken last week when we were out for the day. I really appreciate this time we have before Charley starts school and days out then will only be at the weekends and in holidays.

Charley and Nanny

Charley and Nanny at Wisley

Xmas morning breakfast
Charley trying to take my dads cornflakes on Christmas morning
Bodhi on the other hand has really taken to a shine to his Grandad, and its taken quite a while for my mum to even get a look in! Fortunately, he will now happily go to my mum for a cuddle, but his Grandad is definitely a favourite.
Bodhi and Grandad christmas
Last week when we were out at Wisley for the day Bodhi would only hold my dads hand. It was quite funny as my dad gets a little tired (does well for a nearly 80 year old!) and my dad was trying to make him hold my mums hand for a bit but Bodhi was having none of it! Bodhi has really taken to my dad, it’s really sweet to see!
Bodhi and grandad at Wisley
Running in Lavender

14 thoughts on “My Captured Moment – Grandparents”

  1. It’s so nice to have your parents close by. Mine live in a different country to us, but we make sure we skype as often as we can. Our little one is nearly 4 years old now and will sometimes get the laptop out all by herself to skype with her grandparents :-). #MyCapturedMoment

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  2. Grandparents are so very important aren’t they? These are such lovely pictures of some special moments that I am sure the children will treasure as they get older. You mum looks fabulous, she is obviously a very glamorous granny xx

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  3. Hi Julie, it’s really sweet that your children have bagsed themselves a Grandparent each. The first picture is my favourite as you can really see your little girl puckering up and moving in to kiss Grandma. Having two young Grandchildren must help keep them both young.


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  4. Lovely photos. I especially love the top one of your mum and Charley. It is wonderful when you see your parents develop a loving relationship with your children. And it is always interesting to see which grandparent they favour. #MyCapturedMoment. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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  5. Ah you really are lucky to have your parents nearby, I’m so envious. My parents live 5 hours away in Wales and although my mum comes to visit on a regular basis, it’s just not the same. These pictures are gorgeous and show the amazing bond your children have with their grandparents. Thank you for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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