Bodhi at 20 months
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Bodhi at 20 months

I can’t believe Bodhi is 20 months already. He seems to be developing so much at the moment, turning into a real little boy. Its so lovely to see and I’m glad I’ve found a little place to record it.

Bodhi at 20 months

Weight & clothes size

He’s about 26lb according to our scales at home. He has a huge tummy most of the time!

Bodhi’s vests are now all size 18-24 months, pyjamas are a mix of 12-18 or 18- 24. Though the bigger size are too big and the smaller too snug. He is starting to wear some 18-24 month tops now too. He’s still in 12-18 month trousers.

He’s now in a size 4 shoe, still a bit dinky!


Lots more teeth have appeared this month. Some molars in the bottom as well as the top and incisors are also starting to poke through, he’s had a few unsettled nights but nothing too bad. I always think it is a little sad when the majority of their teeth are through as it means they’re really not a little’un anymore!


Bodhi has been a little bit more unsettled compared to normal but this is not surprising considering how many teeth are coming through.

He’s been napping really well as we’ve got into a pretty good routine of doing activities in the morning so he’s normally ready for one after lunch.


Bodhi does love to eat. He’s still not great at vegetables that he can see although he will eat tomatoes, cucumber and a bit of pepper. He also likes most fruit in particular pears, grapes and melon. He also really likes chicken and sausages.


It feels like Bodhi is on the edge of starting to say a few more words, he’s really trying to communicate what he wants. I’m sure he has started saying ‘water’ and ‘cuddle’ in his own unique way of course!

Favourite things

Still really enjoys his ride-on toys, spends most of his time at home on these.

Cars are also turning out to be a favourite thing, or anything with wheels can entertain him for a while.

Puddles are also a favourite at the moment.

Jumping up and down on his grandads stomach.


Looking through books.

Drinking out of a cup (water normally goes everywhere).

Sometimes a bit of rough and tumble with his sister.


Having things taken off him that he shouldn’t have.

His big sister bossing him around.


Still a mummys boy, but not as bad as he was last month thankfully.

He’s now realised that he doesn’t need to go in the pushchair all the time and isn’t always very keen to go in it. However, Charley is going through a phase of being happy to sit in the pushchair.

He is mostly very easy going.

He will get his changing mat, nappies, wipes and his shoes and socks etc when asked.

He’s pretty good at walking for a fair distance, though very slowly.

He has very minor little strops if he is not allowed something but it only lasts for a few minutes and then he wants a cuddle. This I can cope with. Long may it last!

Through a tunnel

What are your little ones up to at 20 months old? Do they say many words? Do they have little strops yet?

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  1. Love reading these as my boy is about 6 months ahead of yours! So interesting to see how much they can grow and change in a short amount of time and he’s beautiful! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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