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5 fab things this week #30

When I started thinking about my 5 fab things for this week I thought I was going to struggle to come up with anything which seems mad for a whole week! I’ve forgotten to note down what we’ve done day-by-day and for once I’ve not taken many photos. So I went back through the week thinking about each day and looking through the photos I did have and although we didn’t have lots of days out there was plenty going on and enough for my 5 fab things.

Charley sleeping back in her bed!

I do struggle with this one. On the one hand I like Charley being in our bed knowing she is safe and warm, on the other hand her waking up a few times in the night or wiggling around in our bed is not so great. So after my post on Bedtime battles and a reward jar I finally decided that Friday night would be the night I started to put Charley back in her bed when she woke in the night. Its not been too bad, she’s still getting up a few times but she doesn’t protest too much about going back in her bed (she’s so sleepy) and I’m also firm about not sitting with her while she drops off. Hopefully, if I can stay consistent in the middle of the night she will give up getting up at all?!

Garden time in the rain

We had some time in the garden (in the rain!). I’d said we’d go outside in the garden so the children could use their scooters once it stopped raining on Sunday morning. However, it didn’t stop so we went out in the drizzle. Bodhi was very happy to be outside, he’s turning into a really active little chap. They were both happy to have a play in the outside house that hasn’t been used for a while, even though it was a bit wet outside.

Garden play in the drizzle

Discovery of spiralised vegetables

In the weekly shop I ordered some spiralized courgette and butternut squash to try. I might be a bit late finding these but we (me and my husband) found them really tasty and such a healthy alternative from pasta. We had them with homemade pork meatballs and I’m really looking forward to trying them in other meals too. If I could eat these a lot more I think it would help with a bit of weight loss.

Spiralized vegetable dinner

Look Out Discovery Centre, Again

We went back to the Discovery Centre again but with my parents this time. It was a really good day out again, with the children enjoying all the same activities as they did the previous time. The children managed to avoid a soaking this time though.

Look Out Discovery Centre

Toddler group

I’ve managed to get to the toddler group up the road for all of January. I’ve never been much of a fan of them previously but having got to know some of the mums from Charleys nursery that also go it isn’t such a daunting experience. Bodhi has a great time there, having some fruit, a biscuit and some juice whilst I resist the cake and just go for a coffee. It’s also up a hill from where I live so its a good bit of exercise for a Monday morning.

How has your week been?


Happy Diaries

10 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #30”

  1. We need to toughen up with little out little one in the bed, I don’t mind it until I wake up with an elbow or foot digging into me! The discovery centre looks fab 🙂 #happydiaries

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  2. Spiralized caugette is a great way of bulking out a pasta meal without adding to the callories. I need to fet myself a spiralizer so I can start making my own.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries

    Liked by 1 person

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