Charley first outing

My Captured Moment – First baby outings

I was going through old photos the other day and came across the photos of Charleys first outing as a newborn, when she was a teeny, tiny (crying) baby! She looks so tiny in her new cardigan that she is yet to grow into. It was 6 days after her birth that we managed our first trip out. I remember asking the midwife if it was ok to take her out, that there was no amount of time she had to stay indoors for. I think she thought I was a bit mad. I can’t remember where we walked to but it probably wasn’t far as she fed constantly when she a newborn. I know I was very glad to get out and have some fresh air. 6 days couped up, not sure how I’d cope doing that now!

Charley first outing
6 days after birth
First trip out in the pram
First trip out in the pram

I couldn’t leave out Bodhi’s first outing. This was a trip to The Devils Punch Bowl and it looks like he didn’t even have the comfort of being in a pram. How things change for the second baby! This time it was day 4, a bit quicker than with Charley.  With little sleep on the Friday night after Bodhi was born I was wondering how we’d cope with a newborn and a demanding toddler over the weekend. But by Tuesday I was ready to have our first trip out as a family of four. I can’t say it was very comfortable walking! but it was much needed again. So different from out first venture out with Charley when we were anxious about how she was in the pram – too hot, too cold, comfortable etc.

He looks so tiny as a baby as well, even though he was a fair size when born. I love how cheeky Charley looks in this!

Body first trip out

What are your memories of your first outings with your newborns?

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20 thoughts on “My Captured Moment – First baby outings”

  1. Love this post! I remember popping to the shops with my daughter in her pram she was about a week old. I walked to the shelf to get something and as I looked back, saw a pram in the middle of the aisle. Then it hit me again that I was a mum and that was my baby. Just for a split second I forgot lool

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  2. Ah so sweet, its weird looking back isn’t it? I don’t know about you but I find it hard to remember the boys that small now, thank goodness for photos x

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  3. Hi Julie, it’s easy to forget how small, vulnerable and demanding newborns are. I can’t honestly remember how old my first born was when I first ventured out, but my second was just under a week as we had to go to the police station to sign some papers and I remember the policeman making a fuss and closing the windows and being shocked that I’d prefer to stand outside with the baby even though it was January. Apparently back then, fresh air was bad, but smoke from cigarettes, not so!… Madness!

    I was also a rebel, as over here it was normal for new Mums not to leave the house for 45 days or until they had finish bleeding. I hope views have changed since then!



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