Broken toys and odd bits

Broken toys and odd bits

Is it just our house or does everyone with children have a house brimming with broken bits of toys and odd bits that have come from random toy sets, magazines and party bags?

Broken toys and odd bits

I have only just realised that our house does. Or maybe I’ve known for a while but have only just realised that I really need to chuck some of these useless bits away!

This morning Bodhi had managed to get one of Charleys new little toy characters but he’d broken the head off (sorry Aunty J!). My initial thought was to put it on the kitchen table for my husband to glue back together later (which he’d obligingly do by the way!). Then I suddenly thought “What’s the point?”. It was only going to happen again. Why not just put it in the bin. If Charley doesn’t see it for a while she probably won’t even remember it and then I can just say it must be in one of the boxes in the playroom somewhere and she’d forget about it again. So that is what I’ve done, put it in the bin. I do feel a little bit guilty for doing this and I should really tell Charley that it got broken so it went in the bin, but this morning I didn’t want the drama so went for the easy option.

Broken toy

There are a few other small broken bits of toys, just sitting round the house, that should probably just be binned too. The children aren’t asking to use them, so really they should just go?

A few of the boxes in the playrooms have random odd small things in that have come from magazine covers or little toys sets. I don’t often buy magazines for the children but when I do there are usually small little toys stuck on the cover. Sometimes they will get played with for a while over a few days and then they get set aside so these too should be scooped up and put in the bin. It would definitely save time on the tidying up when the children just decide to empty the boxes to see whats in them!

Other random items seem to be from party bags. I must admit I find party bags a pain in the bum. I know the children like them (for 5 minutes generally at the end of the party) and the adults have had to spend money on them, but most of the things feel like a waste. More things to get rid of, though I don’t. They get put in a little basket with other random little pieces of toy sets, just in case the children want to play with them.

I really need to have a major sort out of these things!! When the children are asleep would be best.

Do you have boxes of random bits of toys? Do you like party bags? What do you do with the toys in them? Am I just a scrooge?!

1 thought on “Broken toys and odd bits”

  1. I must say I am drawn to magazines with little toys attached to them! Leave these little things for a short while and then ditch them, all seems a waste though doesn’t it.

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