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Where did the summer holidays go?

Wow, this seems like a looooong time ago. We’re well into the school year and nursery but I thought I’d post this anyway to remind me of that summer before school started!

This summer I wrote a great big long list of all the outdoor places we could visit for when the weather was good and a not so long list of things to do if the weather was bad. 7 to 8 weeks of no nursery seemed like such a long time at the start of the holidays but it has flown by and my eldest shall shortly be starting reception at school and my littlest starts nursery.


I was looking forward to all the places we would go thinking I would be broke by the end of the holidays, but apart from the expense of a lovely holiday in Italy (actually that was my husbands treat) and a few other random nights away our days out have mostly consisted of going to local parks (with a picnic). Bargain. It seems every time I asked Charley what she wanted to do, she said go to the playground, so that’s what we mostly did. Sometimes taking her bike to try and get her using that, sometimes with balls or a frisbee, and more often just going on the swings.

I’m not sure what happened to all those planned days out, days seemed to get taken over with visits to hospitals, small little chores to do in towns, friends to catch up with and parks and playgrounds seemed to fill the gaps nicely.

It’s seemed like a special summer holiday, a last one before Charley starts school and we’re then stuck in the mundane routines for years (apart from the school holidays). I hope the children have enjoyed their simple days out in our amazingly sunny summer, I haven’t heard too many shouts of ‘I’m bored!’

We’re hoping to have one last special day out at a Theme type place when the majority of children are back at school as Charley starts school the week after most. Hoping we get some lovely last sunny weather to enjoy our last days of freedom!

1 thought on “Where did the summer holidays go?”

  1. So often children are just as happy doing the simple things, like picnics and playgrounds, it sounds like the summer holidays were just right, a nice mix of odd days out, local days and of course a lovely time in Italy, all to enjoy before the seriousness of school and nursery.

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