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A puppy?

We’re thinking of getting a puppy. Actually, I think we’re pretty much there. We’ve just got to decide on which breed and when to get it!

I’ve often thought a dog would be a lovely addition to the family, but with my husband having been brought up with dogs and saying they’re more of a responsibility than children we’ve waited until the children are a little older to finally make the decision. I never had a dog when I was growing up but my nan and aunts always had them and I used to enjoy taking my nans dog for a walk when I was allowed.

There are loads of places to take dogs for walks where we live and with Bodhi starting school in September I will have plenty of time to be able to walk a dog and give it lots of attention. I should probably be thinking about going back to work rather than getting a dog, but I’m hopeful that any work I do get I’ll be able to do at home, as i still want to able to do the school drop off and pick up.

Charley would love a dog and I think she would be good at helping out with it. Bodhi isn’t quite so sure, though most dogs are bigger or the same size as him so I’m hoping if we do get a puppy it will make him more confident around dogs.

It will also get us up and out of the house at the weekends, or at least I’ll have a good excuse to get out if no-one else wants to!

Of course, the dog will have to be able to fit in with our camper travels as well so this would also have to be a consideration. Nothing too big, but Tim also wouldn’t want too small a dog either!

Tim brought me a book on different dog breeds for Christmas so we all keep having a look through this.


So we’ve narrowed it down to a few:

A labrador – the family favourite and the most gorgeous puppies!

Springer spaniels – bouncy and lively and not too big

Boxer – slightly dopey (be great in our house!)

Beagle – how can you resist those eyes and long ears

We’ve  got house and (hopefully) garden renovations happening early spring so it would probably be sensible to wait until this has been mostly completed but I’m not sure I’ll get past the time when Bodhi starts school………!

There is still lots to consider and read about but hopefully later this year we’ll have a new addition in our home.




4 thoughts on “A puppy?”

  1. It’s a lovely idea and I’m sure the pluses will outweigh the minuses. Charley will probably think the puppy is hers and I bet Bodhi will come round very quickly. The difficulty is which puppy to chose from!

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  2. Look up Beddlington Terrier. Do not shed, lovely family dogs, can take or leave a walk (can walk for miles or will happily play in the garden). They look a bit like sheep but the pictures don’t do them Justice! We have one…Dottie….super dogs! Ps labradors will dig and dig….

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