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The Elusive Sleep

Ah sleep!

An undisturbed night of sleep would be so welcome at the moment. It feels so rare that we get a full night of sleep with no feet traipsing into the bedroom, little bodies wanting to snuggle into our bed, someone wanting a wee, or having had a bad dream.

Nearly a year ago we put Bodhi’s (3yrs) bed into Charley’s (nearly 6yrs) room as they had slept so well on holiday in a room together we thought why not. This worked well for a number of weeks and then obviously the novelty wore off.

Recently, we’ve been considering moving Bodhi’s bed back into his room as they seem to be waking each other up more.

They don’t take long to settle down at bedtime but one or both will be up at some point in the night. It is mostly Charley that gets up, quite often due to having a nightmare. Unfortunately if she gets up then she won’t take herself back to bed, someone has to get up and walk her back.

She’s constantly saying she’s scared or worried that someone is coming to get her and when its dark in the middle of the night I can completely understand where she’s coming from.

I don’t like getting up for the loo when it’s dark and if Tim’s away for the night then I don’t like sleeping with the door shut. So I do get it. (It doesn’t take much for me to be a scaredy cat at night, think it runs in the family – my mum’s the same!)

But we really need to make her feel safe and secure in her room and that no-one is coming to get her.

So, again its time for a new bedtime routine which has become a little slack of late.

I’ve had a google and found a few rules/routines that sound like a step in the right direction for getting our children to stay in their bed for the whole night.

Our old bedtime routine has been as follows:

  1. If bath night we go up at 6.30pm, otherwise 6.45pm
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Into bath, play, wash etc
  4. Out of bath and pyjamas on
  5. Choose book and sit on bed for one story each
  6. Lights turned down
  7. Kiss and cuddles and say goodnight
  8. Sit on landing for a while as children fall asleep (sometimes go downstairs before Charley’s asleep), normally sometime between 7.30 and 7.45 (after lots of questions from children etc)
  9. If children get up try to put back to bed, sometimes get in our bed for the rest of the night

For our new bedtime routine I will attempt to follow:

  1. 1-5 as above but making sure it’s all as calm as can be, ensuring Charley feels safe and comfy.
  2. Go to the toilet again.
  3. TURN ON GRO CLOCK (forgotten to do this for months!)
  4. Kiss and cuddles and say goodnight
  5. I will go downstairs but saying I will check back on them if they are quiet and stay in their beds (only going back in 10 minutes) and go back to reassure. Keep doing this until they have fallen asleep.
  6. If children get up put back in bed and reassure.

Poundland toys and sweets

I’m really hoping that we will have success with this new routine. We do have good stretches every now and again so hoping this will get us back on track!

How well do your children sleep? Any tips or ideas – I’d love to know.


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7 thoughts on “The Elusive Sleep”

  1. Oh good luck with the routine I really hope it helps. Sleep or lack of is the worst. I struggle lots but not owing to the kids, thankfully. Ours have separate rooms at home and I think it is best for them as they wake up at different times. That said we’re currently on hokidayband they’re sharing a room and loving it… but we’re one day in… watch this space. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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  2. We ended up having my seven year old in bed with us most nights as she also gets scared and has nightmares. They have their own rooms though but one or the other tends to appear at some point through the evening so it may just be an age thing. Thanks for linking up to the #bigpinklink this week.

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