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A Day Out – Rural Life Centre – Activity Thursday

One of our days out over the Easter holidays was to the Rural Life Centre. It’s literally 5 mins in the car from where we live, towards Tilford just outside Farnham. My last post about the Rural Life Centre was nearly three years ago now, though I’m pretty sure we’ve been there since.

It’s described as a museum in the countryside, set in over 10 acres of field, woodlands and buildings. There’s plenty to see and do there, and spacious areas for the children to run off some energy.

There are various activities on throughout the year. Car boot sales monthly on Sundays, a family friendly music festival in August, car shows, bus rallies. The list goes on and their event page of the website is worth taking a look at.

We went on a Thursday which was one of their activity days, only on throughout the holidays. We’d not been on an activity day before but I’d heard about it and thought the children would enjoy it.

Parking is free but was a little bit muddy on the day we went!

Adult tickets are £9 and children 4 and over are £6 in the summer season, annual passes are also available. It’s also worth noting that it is only open from Wednesday to Sunday if you are planning to go.

As soon as we were inside Charley spotted a chap turning wood and we were all allowed a go. It was quite hard to do but the children enjoyed getting the wood shavings. Then he gave us a wooden spinning top that we had to pass back and forth on two sheets of ply board, we weren’t very good at this but it was fun anyway.

Next it was off to milk the cow! Fortunately it’s only water that comes out and it’s pretty difficult, the children didn’t have much patience for it, but at least had a go.

Milking the cow at Rural Life Centre

Next stop was the rocket making stall. The lovely ladies guided us through how to make the rocket, where to put the tape etc and then we were ready to go to the rocket launcher area. A man fills a plastic bottle up with air, the rocket gets put onto a tube attached to the plastic bottle, the children jump on the bottle and WHOOSH up goes the rocket!

The children really could have spent all day doing this. So simple but lots of fun.

By this time our friends had arrived so we headed into one of the exhibition sheds with them. This particular one had a giant dolls house that the children took turns going into. Only two were allowed in at a time and it was obviously good inside as none came out that easily!

Round the other side of the dolls house there was a puzzle, coin rubbings and more wooden spinning toys. The children (well the older girls) also didn’t want to leave this bit either!

There were also lots of different shop fronts to look at such as an old butchers, pharmacy and a war shop.

Outside this exhibition shed was a tin war shed with an old wooden bucket toilet that really appealed to Bodhi as he is apparently at the age where he just wants to say poo all the time! So I was keen to move on from here, fortunately the children spotted the playground and we headed in there!

War shelter

The slide has to be one of the slowest I’ve ever seen but is quite high. The merry-go-round that has cars, rockets etc to sit in, is another popular choice with the children. There’s also the usual see-saw and swings. A bit unusual is a milk float with a steering wheel and pedals that children enjoy playing on. It must be a good playground because it’s always difficult to get the children to move on, even though there is so much else to see.

For lunch we went to on-site cafe providing hot and cold food, The Old Kiln Cafe. Unfortunately there was no seating left inside so we had to eat outside but a hot chocolate and cheese toastie soon warmed me up.

After lunch we wandered slowly to the train, stopping to play on more ride on toys.

It’s a main attraction for smaller children. It costs £1 per person and runs around the perimeter of the museum so you can see what else is going on. We love the train ride, it’s always a highlight of the day.

Train ride at the Rural Life Centre

On the activity day there were also a couple of classes in the old school room, with old wooden desks but our children weren’t keen on going! Shame because it looked really interesting.

The children had another go on the rocket blaster and playground before we had to leave.

Merry-go-round at Rural Life Centre

It’s such a lovely space to visit with lots of open areas for the children to run about, lots of exhibits and new things to try, and the volunteers are all really lovely & happy to have a chat with you all, especially the children.

It’s a really relaxed day out, I’m sure we’ll try and go back soon.

What are your favourite local places to visit?

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17 thoughts on “A Day Out – Rural Life Centre – Activity Thursday”

  1. It is a great place to visit, we plan to do a grandchild visit again during one of the school holidays and an adult visit with some of our friends who’ve never been and will be very interested in the various memorabilia. We will do the train ride as well but the adults will probably give the playground a miss!

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  2. I love places like this and Farnham is not too far from us so I will definitely have to add this to our list of places to visit over the coming months – thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, I live 15 minutes from here and my best friend lives in Farnham. I had no idea this existed! Her little boy would go mad for this place. I’m going to suggest a visit next week. Thank you so much for bring this to my attention and for linking it to #BigPinkLink. It looks like so much fun.

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  4. This looks fantastic. Sounds like theres something there for everyone. I’m intrigued about the giant dolls house plus anywhere with a land train always goes down a treat with our family! Thanks so much for joining #dreamteam, hope to see you again this week.

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