Healthy family snacks for long road trips

Healthy family snacks for long road trips

Healthy family snacks for long road tripsWe’ve had a few longish trips travelling in the camper van recently and I feel like I’ve put a few stone on in weight from just sitting in the car eating. Whilst I eat fairly healthily at home (in the daytime at least), when I’m in the car for longer journeys I do tend to reach for the sweeter, unhealthier snacks and don’t seem to be able to stop.

I think most of it is down to boredom.

It doesn’t help that we seem to stop every few hours and I have to walk past the food shops and sweet shelves. Yes, I could walk past but my will power is really lacking recently. Not only am I putting weight on but I’m spending a fortune on food too.

What I need to do is get organised and get my will power back!

So, I’ve written a healthy snack list that I can stick on my fridge and make sure I can bring some of them with us.

I’ve gone for snacks that are easy to transport, aren’t too messy and should be able to be cut up fairly quickly as there’s often not too much time when I’m trying to pack up and get us all in the car.


If you have time cut them up at home and keep fresh in sealed tubs. If you don’t have time buy ready chopped carrots and celery sticks from the supermarket!

Carrot sticks

Cucumber sticks



Sugar snap peas

Raw broccoli florets

Raw cauliflower florets


Keep fruit that could get squished all over the car in sealed tubs, keeps the car a bit cleaner! Keep bananas in a tub or at least in the top of a bag if you don’t like them bruised. As soon as my children see a bit of brown on the skin it puts them off!



Blueberries in pots

Strawberries cut up

Grapes cut up


Dried apricots

Protein to fill us up:

These should keep you filled up for longer so you’re not reaching for the sweeter stuff.

Nuts (but not too many and not salted!)


Roasted chick peas

Boiled Eggs



Vegetable crisps

Rice cakes


Of course, if you’re like my mum and can stick to eating TWO CHOCOLATES a day only (who does that!!) then I’d chuck a few in too, for me if they are around they are calling to be eaten and the whole bag has to go. I mean what’s a road trip without a sweet?

Happy Road trips!

Do you have any other healthy snacks for road trips?

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49 thoughts on “Healthy family snacks for long road trips”

  1. That sounds an awful lot of snacks to think about. What about for the adults some sugar free chewing gum which can sort of keep you feeling you are eating something. You could each trip limit yourself to just two or three healthy snacks and eat them slowly!

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  2. We drive far when we do road trips in South Africa and we’re planning one for this coming summer in the USA so I’m always interested in healthy travelling food ideas. On a recent trip from the South of Ireland to the Isle of Skye I packed a 12 hour picnic! I included a potato salad, (we stopped to eat that) blocks of cheese and mini rolls with cold meats and salad. In South Africa you can get dried beef biltong to snack on which is a handy protein source but it’s filled with salt. #DreamTeam

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  3. These are good for all occasions really not just road trips. I think flap jacks or oat bars would be good. Sweet and healthy if you have time to make them before you go. I took carrot and cucumber on the train the other day and enjoyed this as a snack. ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  4. A great post: I wish I’d read it before we went away last weekend! My kids love peppers and boiled eggs so next time I will plan ahead. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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  5. Fantastic ideas and they all sound yummy too! I definitely find I eat worse when I’m out and about, but a snack in my handbag gets me back on track. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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  6. I’ve recently joined The Healthy Mummy UK. They have some great snacks to make. Weetabix bites etc. Boost balls using dates and cacao. I’m a total foodie and love a snack but my metabolism is definitely slowing as I get older so I’ve gotta be healthier.


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