A Visit to Mercedes-Benz World
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A visit to Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands

Mercedes-Benz World

My little boy is a little bit car obsessed so when we couldn’t decide what to do on a wet, drizzly day the other week we thought we’d visit Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands. Apart from being a Mercedes-Benz sales centre there are also displays, exhibitions and interactive attractions over all 3 floors.

A Visit to Mercedes-Benz World

First Impressions

As soon as you arrive at the centre there are fancy, shiny cars to see, propped up on rocks and gleaming. There is a section on the history of Mercedes, old vintage cars, all great stuff if you love cars as my little boy does.

Mercedes G-Wagon Mercedes


Little Learners

The main attraction for Bodhi, is the Little Learners experience. This is where little people aged 3 to 5 can drive an electric car around a specially made track. It costs Β£6 for 15 minutes, and as Bodhi was the only one there for his sessions he got to drive around all by himself with the lovely staff member putting out cones for him to drive around etc.

I think at the age of 3 he has more spacial awareness than I do!

He drove around the cones without hitting any and did a three-point turn without hitting any blocks too, seems he’s got built-in driving ability. He loved it and immediately wanted another go. (Daddies turn to take him next!)

Little Learners driving electric car

Little Learners pink car driving

Little Learners driving experience Bodhi the champion driver


Cafe 1886

There is a great little cafe on the ground floor, just next to the Little Learners tracks. They serve hot and cold food. There is also another restaurant on the third floor.

Track viewing area

After lunch we headed up the high escalator to the top floor where you can view the driving experiences on the track outside. We watched drivers skidding in the water (sure there is a specific term for this!!).

View of the track


Simulator Area

We also went into the simulator area where there are lots of different cars for various ages. Unfortunately Bodhi was not tall enough to have a go on any of these yet, but in a few years I’m sure he’d love to.

Simulator area Simulator

Motorsport Exhibition

Some F1 cars and podium to stand on.

F1 Lewis Hamilton

Winners podium


Car Sales area

We were interested to see the Marco Polo campervan on display and had a little look around to see how it differed to our campervan.

Marco polo camper van


It’s not your normal place to visit with a pre-schooler but it’s my sons perfect morning out!


Do you have any unusual places to go that your little ones love?


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13 thoughts on “A visit to Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands”

  1. It’s not just the little ones ideal morning out the big boys love it too! Our grownup son had a birthday driving experience bought for him and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure plenty of girls enjoy it too.

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