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5 Things To Do in Or Around Farnham, Surrey

I’ve lived in Farnham for over 10 years and I’ve really enjoyed living here. Our choice of days out has changed considerably since having children, previously going shopping in the day and eating out at local restaurants (or the pub across the road). Now, days out are somewhere that the children can run about in the fresh air with something that entertains them.

Since having children we’ve discovered that Farnham is a great family place to live as there are loads family friendly places, we’re never really stuck for what to do if we want to stay local.

5 Things To Do in or Around Farnham


Alice Holt

Alice Holt is managed by the Forestry Commission, a brilliant woodland area for everybody to explore. It is constantly evolving, providing better parking, cafe facilities and amazing outside areas of play for families.

Alice Holt is 5miles from Farnham town so just a short car ride away for us.

There is a charge for parking but apart from this it is free to get into.

We always have a great day out at Alice Holt and as there are so many trails and activities no two visits are the same.

Charley on one of the play areas at Alice Holt

If I take Bodhi by himself we’ll often take his bike so he can go on one of the bike trails there. Although a little steep in a few places its a great opportunity for him to have a bit of freedom on his bike.

There is also a cycle centre where you can hire various bikes from. I’ve always liked the idea of renting one that has the side car on it but I think my children are probably too big for this now.

There is also a Gruffalo trail with various characters dotted around the trails which makes for an entertaining stroll with young ones.

Rural Life Centre

We’ve had a a few days out at the Rural Life Centre which have always proved a success with us, children and grandparents. It’s like stepping back in time in a safe and rural environment.

There are exhibitions, old toys, old buildings and activities to try, all in a relaxed museum type environment.

The mini train ride there is always a pull for youngsters too.

Train at Rural Life Centre

They also hold a family friendly music festival in August which we are booked to go to in our camper. As its only a few miles away we might pop home for a quick shower!

Frensham Great Pond and Frensham Little Pond 

These are both situated just outside of Farnham and are great places to visit with families. (There are two and the “Little” Pond isn’t soooo little!)

Paddling is allowed at the ponds although its worth checkin their website first as sometimes the water is closed due to blue-green algae.

Frensham Great Pond has a man made beach and can get really busy in summer holidays or sunny weekends. Parking is free during the week or £4 at the weekends and bank holidays. National Trust members can park for free.

I’ve only ever been during the week days when its not so busy and the children love playing in the sand, scooping up buckets of water, having an ice-cream or playing some games. We’re really lucky to have this on our doorstep.

Frensham Great Pond

Paddling at Frensham Great Pond

There are also a number of little paths and trails to follow around the pond where you can watch out for wild life.

A cafe selling hot and cold snacks as well as a toilet block provides a welcome rest spot.


When Charley was little we had membership to Birdworld as it is just down the road from here.

It has a small aquarium to wander around, including a little alligator!

There are (obviously!!) lots of different birds to watch in a large and safe environment.

At the top end of Birdworld there is also a farm where turkeys and feathered friends roam about freely. They also have reindeers, rabbits, pigs, donkeys and goats (and peacocks).

Peacock at Birdworld

A restaurant and a few snack outlets are on site, though some are only open in warmer weather.

When you purchase your tickets you can also buy a bag of bird feed which my children are always keen to do, most of it ends on the floor!


We’re really lucky to live here with such great nature spots to be able to explore!

Have you got any great spots local to you?

3 thoughts on “5 Things To Do in Or Around Farnham, Surrey”

  1. You do have many excellent sites nearby to you in Farnham. We do have spectrum here in Guildford as well as the lido and Stoke park but parking is difficult for the park and the lido can be difficult if the weather is great. We’ve recently found an excellent mini golf for all at hoebridge golf club about 6 or so miles away. Think it’s called pirate mini golf and prices are reasonable with 18 fun holes to play. Good cafe/restaurant in the club and not too pricey for snacks.

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