Family friendly things to do in Fowey
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Family friendly things to do in Fowey, Cornwall

Fowey is a gorgeous harbour town on the south coast of Cornwall. The estuary of the River Fowey forms a natural harbour and makes for a lovely setting in which to watch all the goings on and off the water.

Family friendly things to do in Fowey


Whilst we were away over half term we visited Fowey and found that there were some great family friendly things to do.

Boat ferry from Boddinick to Fowey

This is a short ferry ride across the estuary and into Fowey. Costs £5 for a car for a single journey and saves about 20-30 minutes of travel time (rather than drive around the river). Although it is a pretty short journey it makes for an exciting experience for little ones and lets you see some of the sail boats and canoers on the estuary.

Across the estuary is the pretty town of Polruan.

Once into Fowey we parked in the main car park and walked down the steep hills into the main town, wandering slowly mesmerised by the narrow streets, keeping in to let cars pass by. Although the hills are steep, there are plenty of pretty houses and interesting shops to see on the way down to the harbour. We even found some hidden rocks which the children were very excited about.


Fowey Acquarium

The aquarium is at harbour square and is fairly small but there are some good local fish to watch in the tanks. It’s got a really relaxed atmosphere in there and there is also a touch tank where you can touch the star fish and The children particularly enjoyed using the small step that is provided for little people. We saw eels, crabs, star fish and lobsters.

Entrance to Fowey acquarium

Fowey acquarium


Town tour

Just in the harbour square you can take a tour of the town. It takes about 25 minutes. As Fowey is quite steep in places it’s a good way of seeing the town, especially if you have young ones with you. We passed by the dragon house, told where Dawn French has a house and got held up in a bit of traffic as the roads are so narrow there are no passing places if vans are delivering goods to shops. There are also great views of the estuary and across to Polruan.

Town tour vehicle

King of Prussia, pub and accommodation Views across the River Fowey


There are lots of pubs and restaurants in Fowey town. We ate right on the harbour square in Havener’s Bar and Grill. Charley had a chat with a prawn but wasn’t so keen on the taste – she prefers cockles, yuck!!

The Lifebuoy Cafe


There are plenty of gift shops, clothes shops and sweets shops. We don’t seem to be able to go on any days out without having an ice-cream as well!

Ice-creams in Fowey

We visited on a bit of a grey day but there was plenty to see around the town for an afternoon and there is also a beach a bit further up from the harbour square, called Readymoney Cove. We didn’t get time to see this on this visit but it looks like a lovely sandy cove from pictures I’ve seen.

Have you visited Fowey? What places did you visit there?



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