Visit to Carnglaze Caverns
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A Visit to Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall

We first attempted to visit Carnglaze Caverns on one of the wet mornings of May half term when we were campervanning in Looe. That’ll keep us dry, being in a cave! Apparently everyone else had the same idea as we couldn’t even get into the car park and were attempting tricky reversing manoeuvres on the road outside!

Visit to Carnglaze Caverns

The following day though was brighter so we managed to get in easily (the car park is pretty small).

After a briefing and collecting our hard hats and torch we entered the caverns. The Carnglaze Caverns were slate mines where slate was both quarried and mined.

It’s a self-guided tour of the cavern but you are given a map and there is more information within the caverns in various spots.

We pretty much had the caverns to ourselves when we visited. Inside the top area there was a bar and stage, all set for events. Although a bit chilly it must make a great venue, and be quite magical.

Inside Carnglaze caverns

We followed our map as suggested with our hard hats on, Bodhi looking like a mini Bob the builder. The children making sure we didn’t deviate from the route.

Carnglaze caverns

The final stop was at the Underground Lake, which looked amazing and would make a fabulous back drop for weddings!

After a few photos (which don’t do the caverns justice) we were ready to return up to the warmer outdoors.

Charley at the Underground lake in Carnglaze caverns

We returned our hard hats back to the entrance and then went on to the Woodlands Trail, starting with the fairy trail.

Charley wanted to be leader for this, looking out for the pretty little fairies that had been left around the trail, along with some Beatrix Potter characters. The weather was lovely and warm for this and it was lovely just being able to follow behind the children as they spotted the different fairies and characters.



The trail was brilliant, keeping the children engaged and interested all the way round. There were little bridges to walk over, waterfalls to watch and plenty of characters to find.


The Woodland walk was fab too, and I think we all enjoyed the fresh air and getting a good dollop of exercise!



I’m so glad we got to visit the Caverns, there is plenty to see for everyone!

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  1. As this is a former mine did you see any sign of Ross Poldark shirtless working hard! Looks good especially the fairy trail. Bet the two did love it

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