About us

I’m a 40! year old mum to Charley (5) and Bodhi (3) and wife to Tim. I prefer to be out rather than in, I tend to go a bit stir crazy if I have to stay in all day with the children! Although this is harder since Charley started school last year. Days out to exciting places have to be reserved to the weekend now.

We love travelling and have been lucky to have had some amazing holidays with the children.

Dressing up in Sri Lanka
Jump children, we’re in the Maldives!

 I’ve recently got a bit more into exercise (must be because I’ve turned 40 this year), currently swimming and yoga. When the children are tucked up in bed I love a G&T. I also can’t resist sweets and chocolate and my teeth will surely fall out soon.

  Charley is our 5 year old. Now in Year 1 at school and fortunately enjoying it. She is quite sensitive, loyal and sociable and gorgeous. Charley was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at 2 1/4 and puts up with a lot in terms of hospital appointments and medication, considering she can be so dramatic at times!

Bodhi is our 3 year old, a happy, smiley, cheeky chappy, though getting quite stubborn.  He absolutely loves cars and buses, anything vehicular basically.

We’ve also just bought a VW California, named Betsy by the children which we’re all really excited about so there will probably be a few posts about our adventures in her, fingers crossed!

Our VW California

6 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi Julie – just discovered your blog – I think we must live somewhere nearby as I have also blogged about Alice Holt, Farnham Park, Hobbledown and we’ve been to Little Street, Frensham and down to the Portsmouth seafront! It’s always nice to know that there are other bloggers nearby – none of my “real life” friends blog 🙂

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    1. Hi there, nice to meet you! I’m not sure any of my ‘real’ friends know I blog! Oh yes, we must be nearby. I must pop over to your blog to have a little nosey – see what places we’ve missed out on! It’s a great place to live (I think) always so many places to go. x


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