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Blogging break

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Blogging break again

I love blogging. I love writing, editing photos, reading other blogs. Blogging has made me think about things to try with the children, trips to go on, food to make, crafts to attempt, how to parent my children. It’s really made me change the way I photograph things and I’d love to get better at this, Instagram is now one of my favourite social media platforms.

Blogging break

I just can’t get the balance right!

After a blogging break at Christmas I didn’t want to fall back into blogging during all my spare time which amounts to Bodhi’s nap times (when Charley is at nursery twice a week) and the evenings. During January I was blogging most evenings which left little time for anything else including writing for myself or commenting on other blogs. I felt like everything was being done for the sake of blogging and that wasn’t what I really wanted. I couldn’t keep up with all the linkies that I wanted to join or comment on them.

I was also addicted to looking at my stats, I hate to say. It did make me smile everytime my views increased and it was a challenge to see if I could increase them month on month. I’ve only ever had a small amount of views on my posts, and mostly due to joining lots of linkies but to see the stats increasing and moving up the TOTS100 each month made me feel like I was achieving something.

So, with half term around the corner I thought it would be a good opportunity to have another break from blogging as its quite hard to get much done with two pre-schoolers around anyway and we had a busy week planned.

However, at the end of half term I decided to stop doing my weekly post of what we’d been up to as although we go out and about every week, it seems to be to mostly the same places and it began to feel like more of a chore to be doing it every Sunday evening. I’d really enjoyed writing them when I first started them back in June/July 2015 and I wasn’t getting the same pleasure from doing them now. I planned on doing a monthly round up instead, but I haven’t got around to this yet!

I know I don’t want to stop blogging completely. I still think it is a great way of recording our family life and Charleys progress with her arthritis.

The trouble with having a blogging break is that the longer you leave it the more difficult it becomes to post something, hopefully this one will ease me back in.

After having children and being a stay at home mum, I’ve really enjoyed having something to do for me and I don’t want to give this up. I’d really like to find a balance with blogging and home life. I’m sure there has to be a way!



A blogging break

So, I ended up having more of a blogging break than I indended over Christmas. I initially thought I would cut down a lot, still write a few posts but the few weeks before Christmas day were so busy getting the last Christmas presents, the house sorted out for the big day and other bits and bobs that I can’t even remember now that I just didn’t have the time or energy to write or link up with anyone.

I had been hoping to get a few posts drafted over Christmas and sort out a few things on my blog but this didn’t happen. Even when we had a week away at Coombe Mill, Cornwall  (hoping to do a post on this soon!) I was planning on getting some stuff done for my blog but again we were busy every day there and the children weren’t settling very well in the evening.

Of course the pressure to blog only comes from me, and mostly I do really enjoy doing it, but there are also the times when I wonder why I am doing it, what’s the point, does anyone read it. Then I remember why I started blogging in the first place, to record memories of the children.

However, it has been really nice to have this break from blogging although I have missed the community and reading all the other blogs too. It was starting to take over my life a bit and I could do with working out what I want to do with my blog.

In November I was spending every evening writing a post, linking up and commenting and therefore not getting much else done. I don’t want to fall into this pattern again, but it is very addictive so this is something I need to think about in the coming weeks.

I’d like to start reading books again, having a relaxing bath in the evening, maybe start doing some crafty thing! I do love blogging but I don’t want it to take over the little ‘me’ time I do have. It’s so difficult to get the right balance.

I have a few ideas for my blog that I need to spend some time thinking about but as we are back into the nursery school routine next week there will be more time. I’m hoping then to decide on a few things and work out how to get the balance right going forward.

Have you worked out a blogging/work/life balance yet?

A Cornish Mum


Addicted to blogging

I’d talked to my husband for a while about blogging but not very seriously. Then in my local garden centre of all places there was an advert for a blogging workshop. So I booked onto it and I loved it. Having not blogged before I didn’t understand all the terms (and still don’t being a complete novice), but it wasn’t only the content of the course that I enjoyed it was being out with adults that all had various reasons for being there. There were writers, mums and teachers. It was inspiring and I wanted to go home and start blogging straight away. However, having two little ones at home meant it wasn’t possible straight away!

But I’d got the bug and looked into WordPress where it was so simple to set up a blog, oh and I bought one of those dummy guides which was sort of helpful.

The most difficult thing was coming up with a name. I tried a few but they were already taken and then came up with “Sleeping through yet”. I’m still not sure its the right name but I really, really wanted to get started on the blog so it had to be.

I’ve really enjoyed writing in the evening, it feels like its my time to do what I enjoy. I used to love writing diaries when I was little and kept them into my early twenties. I sort of started them again when C was born. At first it was so I could keep details of when she was breastfeeding and which side, but then I started making small notes of where we had been that day so I could look back and say “we went here and there”. So it feels like I’m writing my diaries again for me and for my little ones.

I’ve got so much to learn though. I was so chuffed with myself when I managed to get the widgets bit of the page sorted out although I’d like to change their font and colour. That’s another thing that I’ve enjoyed as well, the creative side of it. It’s not as I’d quite like it just yet but maybe in a few months time I’ll be there. I’ve discovered Picmonkey which has been brill for editing photos. It does take some time though to edit the photos and then get them in the correct place on the page. Or maybe its just me that’s a bit slow??

Addicted to blogging 1

I haven’t made any comments on any other mummy blogs yet, I’m still building up the courage to do this, and I’ve only told a couple of people that I’m doing it. The ones I know that won’t laugh at me or query why I’m doing it! But I know that if I want to get any traffic to this site then I’ll need to set up a twitter account and Facebook page. Still not sure how twitter works though.

Do I really want other people to read it or do I just want it to be for my family. I’m not sure I’ve got much advice to give to people, although I hope that C’s arthritis story may bring hope to some. I was talking about this with my husband who said that he is private person and would be happier telling people he knows pretty much anything whereas I would rather have people I don’t know reading this (apart from close family & friends).

There are some amazing other blogs that I’ve read and that’s another thing on my list to do, somehow list them on my site.

It is addictive though, if I don’t get to look at it or write something I feel quite miffed. I end up going to bed thinking about changes I can make to the look of it and things that I can write about it. I’ve started making notes on my phone and on my pad so that I can remember the odd thoughts that pop into my head.

Hopefully, in 6 months time I’ll be able to look back at this, with maybe a few followers (not just my mum either) and I’ll still be finding content to write about and be enjoying it as much as I am now.