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5 fab things this week #29


5 fab things this week #29

It’s been such a change this week to have some sunshine around. Although the nursery walk is pretty chilly it’s just lovely to see everything in the bright sunshine. We’ve had a lovely week out and about, and we’ve found a new childrens activity place to go to. Here are my 5 fab things this week:

5 fab things this week #29

A visit to RHS Wisley

Wisley, as you might know, is one of my favourite places to go with the children. This month until the beginning of March there are butterflies in their greenhouse. We went last week when the sun was shining and it was just above freezing. All the ponds and streams were frozen but everything looked so beautiful in the sun. The butterflies were also amazing, there were some lovely blue ones which were my favourites. One lady had one sitting on her hat!

Butterfly at Wisley

My best attempt at taking a photo of a butterfly

The Discovery Look Out, Bracknell

I’d never visited here before but it is just brilliant. There are 90 odd activities for children of all ages and our children had a brilliant time. Some of it is even quite sciencey although the activities are so fun, the children wouldn’t think they are educational too. I’ve written about our experience of it here.

The Look Out Discovery Centre Bracknell

A trip to Portsmouth

After being very organised for the week, at the weekends we are not, unless we have specific plans. Therefore, after swimming on a Saturday we are often wondering what to do for the rest of the day and then its often gone and we haven’t done much. However, this Saturday we decided on the spur of the moment to go down to Portsmouth to watch the hovercraft, eat chips out of cones and get some dinner at Gun Wharf Quays. It worked out really well, the children love watching the hovercraft, going in the amusement arcades (teaching fine motor skills not gambling!) and the atmosphere of the coast.

Hovercraft at Portsmouth

Siblings in Portsmouth

Rice playing

We haven’t had the coloured rice out for a while so one free afternoon the children had a good play with it. Charley enjoyed it particularly, making up her own games and would have happily played with it all afternoon and night I think!

Coloured rice playing

Mr Marvel Party

The party season has well and truly hit Charley’s nursery. Today she went to a Mr Marvel party which was pretty fab. It was at the childs house with an entertainer who did magic tricks, a Punch and Judy show, had a rabbit, a disco, and a snow and bubble blower. There was all the usual jelly, biscuits and lovely food that kids love. I definitely need to start getting organised for Charleys birthday in March!

How was your week? Did you manage to get out in the sun?


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5 fab things this week #28


5 fab things this week #28

It was definitely a bit of a shock to have to get up when the alarm was going off this week, due to Charley being back at nursery. I made sure we had lots of activities planned with Bodhi while Charley was out and the week passed by in a whizz. The weekend was also busy being back at swimming, meeting up with (old) uni friends and a party for Charley. It was a great first week back! Here’s my 5 fab things this week.

5 fab things this week #28

Charley’s uveitis

We were back at the hospital for Charley’s 4 week check up to see how her uveitis was. She got the all clear. Wahoo. He said there was no sign of the uveitis but she still has to continue with one eye drop a day, as they don’t like to stop them too suddenly. We’re back in 4 weeks for another check up of her eyes. At least for now though they are quiet.

A cold trip to Devils Punch Bowl

I wanted to get the children out last week using their bike and scooter so when the forecast looked good at the end of the week we headed to the Devils Punch Bowl in Hindhead. It was a lovely, sunny cold day. Charley wanted to take her bike and I thought Bodhi would enjoy using his scooter. I thought I’d done a good job of getting Charley bundled up with lots of layers but she got cold pretty quickly so was on and off her bike and then just wanted picking up completely. Bodhi was very happy to either walk or scoot along. Its made me realise I really need to get some proper winter clothes sorted for the children! Gloves especially, Charleys hands were frozen, oops.

Bike and scooter at Handheld

Dancing and spinning

I always go to my parents once a week for dinner with the children. The children normally have a mad 20 minutes after they have eaten and before getting ready to leave. Why is there always a last mad burst of energy before bed! This week they both had a lot of fun spinning round and round, and then falling over. (Before leading to much overexcitement and Charley squishing Bodhi as usual!)

Mad half hour dancing

A new bathroom is in progress

We’ll have lived in our house for 9 years in the summer and have never decorated the bathrooms. We always planned to and then children came along and it got put on the back burner. It’s been fine but the sink doesn’t work properly and the bath looks ancient (though fortunately is white) and needs updating. So my husband has taken everything out today and taken off the tiles.  Hopefully, the new bathroom will go in relatively easily and there will not be any leaks!!!

Bathroom upheaval

Charley feeding Bodhi smarties

I had to include this in my fab 5 as I love it when there is some sibling love for a change. Charley had been given smarties in her party bag today and decided to feed them to Bodhi from a spoon. He was loving it and they just looked so cute. Also great for Charley to share her sweets with her little brother!

Sibling smartie feeding

Hope you’ve had a good week! Maybe we’ll get some snow down South next week!

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5 fab things this week #25

Well the Christmas decorations are out and scattered around the house, so we are getting there. Not sure much will actually stay on the tree this year with our little ones around. I’m doing quite well with my Christmas shopping too, not too many more presents to get.

5 fab things this week #25

So here are my 5 fab things this week:

Elf on the Shelf

This is the first year of having our elf, Elfie, in the house and we are gradually getting a bit more daring as to what she gets up to. At first she just started in high up places out of the reach of the little ones, then she started playing with the children’s toys (which Charley wasn’t too impressed with). We’re looking forward to seeing what else we can get her doing next week!

Elf on the Shelf day 5

Light switch on at Wisley

We had another day out at Wisley this week. We just went for some lunch and a wander about but ended up staying to see the Christmas lights being switched on by Mary Berry. The lights around the garden are amazing, absolutely massive but so impressive.

Poinsettia christmas tree at Wisley

Poinsettia Christmas tree in the greenhouse

Christmas tree is up!

We normally end up with a real short fat Christmas tree as we live in a cottage with fairly low beamed ceilings. This year though as Bodhi is a little destructive we decided to get our artificial tree out of the loft just in case it gets pulled about and knocked over. It was last used in my house though with normal ceiling height so we’ve ended up only using half the tree, so it’s still a bit short looking! Its only half decorated as well as the children keep taking the baubles off! Below is a close up shot of the tree by Charley.

Christmas tree close up


I’m not very good at sticking with the same hair style (colour or length) for too long and have often ended up going short and blond. I’ve been dark and growing it for over a year now but I’m getting a bit bored of my hair again so when I went to the hairdressers at the weekend I asked to be a bit lighter. I love the feeling of going into the hairdressers, having lots chopped off or getting a new colour done and walking out feeling refreshed!

Just over a year ago I had short blond hair and I really liked it (though most people tell me they like my hair dark) but it was so expensive to keep getting it coloured and cut so often. I’m hoping going a bit lighter will satisfy my craving for a different look. (August 2014 – I loved it blonde and mad!)

Short blonde hair

Lazy Sunday lay-in

 Charley came in just before 7am and was happy to lay in our bed reading and playing CBeebies on the iPad, whilst we dozed for an hour before Bodhi woke up at 8am! Happy Days!

Hows your week been?

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5 fab things #24


5 fab things this week #24

Another week rolling by, the count down to Christmas is really on!

We’ve had a couple of shopping trips and quite a few cosy afternoons in this week.

5 fab things #24

Winchester Christmas Market

We had a trip down to Winchester Christmas market on Wednesday. Unfortunately the weather was pretty dreary but it certainly got me in the Christmas spirit seeing all the lovely Christmas stalls and ice-skating rink. There was also a stall in the main high street that sold the biggest doughnuts I’ve ever seen, I just had to get some!

Winchester christmas market

Getting cosy at home

We’ve had the fire on a few nights this week as the temperature seems to have dropped. It makes it so warm and cosy I could nearly nod off!

Cosy fire

Shopping afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon in Guildford shopping. I didn’t get to tick any more Christmas presents off my list but I did get an outfit for a christening I’m going to from my new favourite shop Zara. Charley had a good roll around the floor whilst in there. The floor is particularly shiny!

Rolling on floor in Zara

Bodhi even had a sleep in the pushchair so we had a peaceful stop for a cuppa.

Belly laughs

Charley loves playing with her cup of water at tea time, either cooling her food down in it or washing her hands in it, why wouldn’t you?! This week she found that dropping a pen lid in it and causing the water to jump out hilarious, as did Bodhi watching. She was having real belly laughs.

Belly laughs


Having missed a few weeks swimming due to illness and then because we were all too cosy in bed to get up (first lesson is at 8am on a Saturday!!!!!) it was actually really good to get back in the pool and it was so so so warm in there. The children are really enjoying their lessons, it’s just a little bit too early on a weekend morning!! Yawn!

Hope you’ve had a good week!

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