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Devils Punch Bowl horizon


Fresh air at Devils Punch Bowl

We had one of those nights. One where you lose out on about 3 hours sleep and have to eat like a pig all the next day just to feel slightly human, rather than hungover (even though unfairly no alcohol has passed your lips!). The cause of the hungover feeling is feeling refreshed and EXTRA super human after a lay-in of two hours that means she now wants to go to nursery, resulting in a super speedy breakfast and a slightly unhealthy packed lunch, and then a quick whizz round to the nursery (where I’m sure the staff think you are hungover and have just overslept – as dearest daughter does not look unwell or sleepy in the slightest!) I therefore must get out of the house with the toddler in the air otherwise I will collapse on the sofa, so we head to the Devils Punch Bowl in Hindhead, a National Trust site. (And breath!)

It turned out to be a lovely sunny morning, although there was a sharp wind and therefore pretty cool in the shade. I only intended on having a little stroll with Bodhi as he is pretty slow at walking, still having to look at all puddles, passer-bys and four-legged friends in this new found stage of toddlerhood.

Nice fresh air!

Stroll at Devils Punch Bowl

However, on such a bright sunny day it didn’t matter as the view at the Devils Punch Bowl is pretty stunning so with Bodhi having lots of stops there was plenty of opportunity for me to admire the views and keep snapping away.

Devils Punch Bowl view

Devils Punch Bowl horizon

Strolling around the Devils Punch Bowl

Blue skies and trees at Devils Punch Bowl

It always amazes me here as the ‘old’ A3 used to pass through the Devils Punch Bowl but you can still make out the old road form. I had many a journey as a child passing through the Devils Punch Bowl and Hindhead on the A3 going to the coast, but now the ‘new’ A3 goes under it in a mile long tunnel.

Old A3 Devils Punch Bowl

Bodhi had a good little wander, occasionally needing a pick up when the wind was quite strong but mostly strolling along. The route we took was short and flat, just perfect for a little stroll with a toddler. There are various other walking routes at the Devils Punch Bowl, one of which is a gently sloping path which is great for children to use their bikes and scooters on. There are the occasional car and fast bike that you have to look out for though!

Bodhi strolling

That was the morning cobwebs sorted, I just had the afternoon to get through!

What do you do when you’ve had a bad night? Do you have favourite places to go to blow the cobwebs away?

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Garden play


5 fab things this week #30

When I started thinking about my 5 fab things for this week I thought I was going to struggle to come up with anything which seems mad for a whole week! I’ve forgotten to note down what we’ve done day-by-day and for once I’ve not taken many photos. So I went back through the week thinking about each day and looking through the photos I did have and although we didn’t have lots of days out there was plenty going on and enough for my 5 fab things.

Charley sleeping back in her bed!

I do struggle with this one. On the one hand I like Charley being in our bed knowing she is safe and warm, on the other hand her waking up a few times in the night or wiggling around in our bed is not so great. So after my post on Bedtime battles and a reward jar I finally decided that Friday night would be the night I started to put Charley back in her bed when she woke in the night. Its not been too bad, she’s still getting up a few times but she doesn’t protest too much about going back in her bed (she’s so sleepy) and I’m also firm about not sitting with her while she drops off. Hopefully, if I can stay consistent in the middle of the night she will give up getting up at all?!

Garden time in the rain

We had some time in the garden (in the rain!). I’d said we’d go outside in the garden so the children could use their scooters once it stopped raining on Sunday morning. However, it didn’t stop so we went out in the drizzle. Bodhi was very happy to be outside, he’s turning into a really active little chap. They were both happy to have a play in the outside house that hasn’t been used for a while, even though it was a bit wet outside.

Garden play in the drizzle

Discovery of spiralised vegetables

In the weekly shop I ordered some spiralized courgette and butternut squash to try. I might be a bit late finding these but we (me and my husband) found them really tasty and such a healthy alternative from pasta. We had them with homemade pork meatballs and I’m really looking forward to trying them in other meals too. If I could eat these a lot more I think it would help with a bit of weight loss.

Spiralized vegetable dinner

Look Out Discovery Centre, Again

We went back to the Discovery Centre again but with my parents this time. It was a really good day out again, with the children enjoying all the same activities as they did the previous time. The children managed to avoid a soaking this time though.

Look Out Discovery Centre

Toddler group

I’ve managed to get to the toddler group up the road for all of January. I’ve never been much of a fan of them previously but having got to know some of the mums from Charleys nursery that also go it isn’t such a daunting experience. Bodhi has a great time there, having some fruit, a biscuit and some juice whilst I resist the cake and just go for a coffee. It’s also up a hill from where I live so its a good bit of exercise for a Monday morning.

How has your week been?


Happy Diaries
Wintery Wisley


A Wintery walk around Wisley

With the promise of sunshine the other week, we drove to Wisley to get some fresh air and see the butterflies in the greenhouse. My dad, who is a bit of a wildlife fan also ventured out with us. I was hoping to get some photos of the butterflies in the greenhouse and know the children enjoy the freedom there. It was a very wintery walk around the gardens. All the ponds and streams were frozen, apart from the parts in the January sun.

Wisley is a great place to visit at any time of the year, as there is always so much to see and with the different seasons it brings the different plants and exhibits there.

This time there was an exhibit of caterpillars and butterflies all around the gardens. Even the ginger breads in the cafes were in the shapes of these, and pretty tasty from the way Charley wolfed hers down.

This time we got to see Wisley frosty and frozen, with the ducks and swans standing on the icy ponds, their reflections on the ice making it look like they were standing on stones in the water.

We’d pre-booked our butterfly session this time so we didn’t have to queue with two little ones, not that there seemed to be a queue anyway.

It felt lovely and tropical in the butterfly part of the greenhouse and I was glad we had left our coats on the pushchair outside.

I don’t know how many butterflies they have at any one time but its quite a spacious area so it doesn’t feel like they are constantly flying round your head. Some are quite large and all very pretty. We saw one sitting on a ladies hat and one even sat on my dads glove for a little bit. Others were on the fruit that have around the greenhouse on the tables.

After all the dreary weather recently it was lovely to be out in the air and to take some (ok a lot!) of photos with the sun out.

Here are some of my photos from our day out:

Wintery Wisley

Wintery Wisley frozen stream

Wintery Wisley 5

Wintery Wisley fountain

Wintery Wisley

Frozen pond

On the butterfly seat - Wisley

Butterfly seat


Big chair, Wisley

Big chair, little Charley

Wintery Wisley swans

Wintery Wisley swans

Butterflies at Wisley

Butterflies at Wisley

Round and round the garden path

Round and round the garden path

Wintery Wisley - ginger caterpillar

Wintery Wisley – ginger caterpillar, not both for Charley

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Life Unexpected
Charley and Nanny


My Captured Moment – Grandparents

I consider myself to be pretty lucky that I live near my parents and am able to meet up with them regularly for dinner or days out. It’s also lovely that they both have such a special bond with both of my children.

Charley gets on well with both, but has a special bond with my mum. Often when we are out with my mum Charley will only want to hold her hand, or sit on my mums lap or get my mum to take her to the toilet etc.

I love this photo below taken when we were out for my birthday when Charley was just coming up to two years old, it just captures everything special between them. The second was taken last week when we were out for the day. I really appreciate this time we have before Charley starts school and days out then will only be at the weekends and in holidays.

Charley and Nanny

Charley and Nanny at Wisley

Xmas morning breakfast

Charley trying to take my dads cornflakes on Christmas morning

Bodhi on the other hand has really taken to a shine to his Grandad, and its taken quite a while for my mum to even get a look in! Fortunately, he will now happily go to my mum for a cuddle, but his Grandad is definitely a favourite.
Bodhi and Grandad christmas
Last week when we were out at Wisley for the day Bodhi would only hold my dads hand. It was quite funny as my dad gets a little tired (does well for a nearly 80 year old!) and my dad was trying to make him hold my mums hand for a bit but Bodhi was having none of it! Bodhi has really taken to my dad, it’s really sweet to see!
Bodhi and grandad at Wisley
Running in Lavender