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5 pushchairs


The 5 pushchairs in our parenthood journey

When I was pregnant with Charley I couldn’t wait to go pushchair shopping. After a few years of trying to conceive and watching the new mums push their shiny new prams around towns and parks I couldn’t wait to choose my own. Little did I know how much of a minefield it would be. Did I want one for going around towns, the countryside, forward facing, rear facing? Did I need a cot, one that would fit a car seat?

5 pushchairs

Fast forward 4 years and we’ve had 5 pushchairs, and most have been much loved at various stages of our parenthood journey.

It feels like we are coming to the end of our pushchair journey and our very first pram/pushchair that Charley was gently pushed around in has now been sold on to new parents.

So I thought I’d put together my list of pushchairs we’ve owned over the last few years, many special memories accompany each one!

Mamas and papas Mpx travel system

First pushchair

The first pushchair I fell in love with. After a few visits to various baby shops and looking at pushchairs/prams we finally decided that this would be the one. I loved the colour, the way it manoeuvred, the size. It was a tad expensive but we both really took to it.

My pre- baby dreams of going for long walks with Charley in our lovely new pushchair didn’t materialise. I thought I’d be walking into our local town daily, but the truth was it was too bulky to lift up and down the stairs to our front door and as Charley fed for such long periods of time (and it took me 6 months to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public) it was a quick dash out in the car into town rather than the long, leisurely walk!

Out n About nipper (single)

Second pushchair

This was the pushchair that I thought was quite ugly to look at and had no desire for a three-wheeler when I was pregnant. However, only 3 or so months after Charleys birth we decided that an off-roader was required for walks around woods and getting down/up the steps to our front door.

Although, definitely not my first choice, this pushchair has been my absolute favourite. It has been so easy to manoeuvre, lightweight, the children have always been happy in it and it works well in towns and off-road.

McLaren techno

Third pushchair

When Charley was 6 months old we had our first holiday abroad to Spain. Our research on travelling with a little one made us think we needed a pushchair that did the umbrella fold. I’m not sure this is correct now but we ended up going for a McLaren as it seemed like a good travel pushchair. It reclined all the way back so the children have always been able to have naps in it and have always seemed comfortable in it. It’s had a lot of use as it’s so quick and easy to get in and out of the car.

Phil and Teds double

Fourth pushchair

After more pushchair shopping when I was pregnant with Bodhi we finally decided on a Phil and Teds double. Although looking lovely and compact I never really got on with this one. I found it too heavy to push, especially when they were both in it and heavy to lift in and out of the car. I really wanted to like it but it just wasn’t for me, maybe I’m a weakling!

Out n About (double)

Fifth pushchair

With Charleys diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis not long after the birth of Bodhi we needed a double pushchair so we sold the Phil and Teds and went for a double Out ‘n’ About. This was just fab and it has also been well used due to it’s lightness and easy manoeuvring.

I’ve loved my times with our various pushchairs, such great carriers for shopping too. I’m not quite sure how my arms will cope when I no longer have an excuse to use one!

How many pushchairs have you had?

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Broken toys and odd bits

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Broken toys and odd bits

Is it just our house or does everyone with children have a house brimming with broken bits of toys and odd bits that have come from random toy sets, magazines and party bags?

Broken toys and odd bits

I have only just realised that our house does. Or maybe I’ve known for a while but have only just realised that I really need to chuck some of these useless bits away!

This morning Bodhi had managed to get one of Charleys new little toy characters but he’d broken the head off (sorry Aunty J!). My initial thought was to put it on the kitchen table for my husband to glue back together later (which he’d obligingly do by the way!). Then I suddenly thought “What’s the point?”. It was only going to happen again. Why not just put it in the bin. If Charley doesn’t see it for a while she probably won’t even remember it and then I can just say it must be in one of the boxes in the playroom somewhere and she’d forget about it again. So that is what I’ve done, put it in the bin. I do feel a little bit guilty for doing this and I should really tell Charley that it got broken so it went in the bin, but this morning I didn’t want the drama so went for the easy option.

Broken toy

There are a few other small broken bits of toys, just sitting round the house, that should probably just be binned too. The children aren’t asking to use them, so really they should just go?

A few of the boxes in the playrooms have random odd small things in that have come from magazine covers or little toys sets. I don’t often buy magazines for the children but when I do there are usually small little toys stuck on the cover. Sometimes they will get played with for a while over a few days and then they get set aside so these too should be scooped up and put in the bin. It would definitely save time on the tidying up when the children just decide to empty the boxes to see whats in them!

Other random items seem to be from party bags. I must admit I find party bags a pain in the bum. I know the children like them (for 5 minutes generally at the end of the party) and the adults have had to spend money on them, but most of the things feel like a waste. More things to get rid of, though I don’t. They get put in a little basket with other random little pieces of toy sets, just in case the children want to play with them.

I really need to have a major sort out of these things!! When the children are asleep would be best.

Do you have boxes of random bits of toys? Do you like party bags? What do you do with the toys in them? Am I just a scrooge?!

Fairy tub


The start of our fairy garden

I’ve always been a bit secretly intrigued by anything fairy like. I’ve never actually seen a fairy but my late nan claimed to have seen some in woods near to where she lived. Whenever we drive past those woods I always like to think that maybe there are fairies dancing there (though it’s now turned into Tree top adventures!). So when we went to Coombe Mill over New Years and got to have a brief look in their lovely fairy garden (it rained a lot) it put the thought into my head of how we could have a little one in our garden at home.

Our garden is a bit of a hill but at the top far corner is a bit of a messy area that could do with something to brighten it up. So, with the agreement of my husband (as I will definitely need his help to tidy it up!) this is where our fairy garden will be. Come the drier, brighter weather I want to get the area dug up, cleared of weeds, fences mended and logs cut up for little seats. As my husband needs to buy a new chainsaw he will be quite happy to cut up the wood.

I’m hoping it will be a great place for the children to be able to play safely using their imagination out in the air. I’m also hoping that we can spend some time doing some crafty things inside to put in the fairy garden.

As a start to our fairy garden though I wanted to make a container with the children at the weekend. I’d bought a few bits and pieces over the last few weeks that I thought might work in our fairy garden. One fab item was a ceramic mushroom from a pound shop that I was really pleased to find!

We set to in the garden late on Sunday afternoon with the children keen to help with tipping the compost into the container. Quite a bit ended up on the patio surprisingly.

Fairy tub start

Childrens garden tools

children’s garden tools

We planted some blue bells and daffodils in it along with some little animals that we’d found at the garden centre, so it’s like a little miniature wood area.

The children helped put the animals and mushroom in place and seemed quite happy with end result. Unfortunately as the light was fading there wasn’t any time to actually play with it. Hopefully they will be able to play with it soon when we get some more opportunities to get out in the garden. Once we’ve got our fairy garden ready the tub will go in it, ready for playing with.

The tub is looking pretty full already so we may have to make another soon!

Fairy tub making

Children helping put the compost in the tub

Fairy tub

Fairy tub

We’ve got a long way to go to get our fairy garden looking anywhere near as lovely as the one at Coombe Mill but I’m hoping that it’s something we can keep adding to over the next few years!

Fairy garden at Coombe Mill

Taking inspiration from the fairy garden at Coombe Mill


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Bodhi at 20 months


Bodhi at 20 months

I can’t believe Bodhi is 20 months already. He seems to be developing so much at the moment, turning into a real little boy. Its so lovely to see and I’m glad I’ve found a little place to record it.

Bodhi at 20 months

Weight & clothes size

He’s about 26lb according to our scales at home. He has a huge tummy most of the time!

Bodhi’s vests are now all size 18-24 months, pyjamas are a mix of 12-18 or 18- 24. Though the bigger size are too big and the smaller too snug. He is starting to wear some 18-24 month tops now too. He’s still in 12-18 month trousers.

He’s now in a size 4 shoe, still a bit dinky!


Lots more teeth have appeared this month. Some molars in the bottom as well as the top and incisors are also starting to poke through, he’s had a few unsettled nights but nothing too bad. I always think it is a little sad when the majority of their teeth are through as it means they’re really not a little’un anymore!


Bodhi has been a little bit more unsettled compared to normal but this is not surprising considering how many teeth are coming through.

He’s been napping really well as we’ve got into a pretty good routine of doing activities in the morning so he’s normally ready for one after lunch.


Bodhi does love to eat. He’s still not great at vegetables that he can see although he will eat tomatoes, cucumber and a bit of pepper. He also likes most fruit in particular pears, grapes and melon. He also really likes chicken and sausages.


It feels like Bodhi is on the edge of starting to say a few more words, he’s really trying to communicate what he wants. I’m sure he has started saying ‘water’ and ‘cuddle’ in his own unique way of course!

Favourite things

Still really enjoys his ride-on toys, spends most of his time at home on these.

Cars are also turning out to be a favourite thing, or anything with wheels can entertain him for a while.

Puddles are also a favourite at the moment.

Jumping up and down on his grandads stomach.


Looking through books.

Drinking out of a cup (water normally goes everywhere).

Sometimes a bit of rough and tumble with his sister.


Having things taken off him that he shouldn’t have.

His big sister bossing him around.


Still a mummys boy, but not as bad as he was last month thankfully.

He’s now realised that he doesn’t need to go in the pushchair all the time and isn’t always very keen to go in it. However, Charley is going through a phase of being happy to sit in the pushchair.

He is mostly very easy going.

He will get his changing mat, nappies, wipes and his shoes and socks etc when asked.

He’s pretty good at walking for a fair distance, though very slowly.

He has very minor little strops if he is not allowed something but it only lasts for a few minutes and then he wants a cuddle. This I can cope with. Long may it last!

Through a tunnel

What are your little ones up to at 20 months old? Do they say many words? Do they have little strops yet?

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