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Wanting a sea view with fish & chips in the camper


With a free day and the promise of a sunny Autumn day we headed to the south coast with the mission of finding somewhere we could park up in our VW California whilst eating fish and chips in the warmth of the van. Poor old Betsy the camper had been a bit neglected over the last few weeks.

We set off for East Wittering, not finding quite what we were looking for and then onto Bracklesham Bay before heading to our favourite beach at West Wittering, not that we’re fussy buggers!

Wittering beach_1

Finally we got our fish and chips (sausages and chips for the children) which were a bit disappointing for the amount it cost (£24!!) with no drinks. Even Charley looked at hers and said she didn’t have enough, but at least the beach was pretty stunning!

Fish and chips Wittering Autumn

For a change we had a (slow) walk around East Head, the children sliding down the sand banks, running, digging in the sand and generally being really nice and friendly with each other. A nice change from how they’ve been in close company with each other recently! It was pretty stunning, with the tide out and the sun peeping round clouds.

Bodhi sand dunesCharley sand dunes

Eventually we got back to Betsy for hot chocolates and cups of tea, unfortunately we’d forgotten to bring the milk from home that we had specifically bought (i.e. a small 2 pinter) so Tim had to go and get some from the cafe. Glad I didn’t have any as it looked like powdered milk when it was boiled up for the hot chocolates for the children. Yuck. I really, really need to get more organised when we go out in the camper van.

One last photo of the beautiful sunset on Wittering beach before we set off.

Wittering sunsetWe then headed to some nearby shops to get some tea on the way home. Edible but unhealthy! Pork pie for husband, sausage rolls, crisps, cookies (raspberries & strawberries not eaten), cocktail sausages. Why is it so hard to buy healthy food to go – or maybe it is and I just need to change my thinking/buying habits?


Betsy Wittering

Great day out in the camper though, just need to get a bit organised and get some healthy food in just in case we’re out longer than expected, it can always be kept in the fridge if not used.

Looking forward to our next trip!


A long weekend in Dorset
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Long weekend in Dorset

For the bank holiday weekend we rented a property within a converted farm building in Charmouth, Dorset. After a week of poorly children, I was really, really looking forward to getting away for a few days.

A long weekend in Dorset

After an early start (for us) we finally arrived at 4pm, a 6 hour drive in bank holiday traffic. We stopped along the way for a pub lunch in Ringwood which was really nice.

The property was really lovely, two en-suite bedrooms with a kitchen/diner/lounge area. After a quick look around the apartment we decided to have a wander to the local town to see what was there and get some food. There were a couple of pubs, a small supermarket and a few gift shops. We went in one of the pubs which did the job and then headed back to get the children ready for bed. Never an easy task on the first night away anywhere.

The following day we went for a swim in the on site swimming pool. Charley loved the paddling part of the pool while Bodhi was his usual reserved self in the water and just wanted to be cuddled, although I suppose he was recovering from a cold.

After getting dried and dressed we headed to Lyme Regis. However, being a bank holiday with reasonable weather everyone else had too and we didn’t manage to get a space anywhere so we ended up driving to an out-of-town bakery. You could eat as much bread and jam as you wanted (oh dear), help yourself to pastries and sit on a big bench gathered with others.

Rousdon Village Bakery
How much jam?

We then decided to head back to Charmouth beach where the children had a great time running in and out of the waves, building sandcastles and enjoying themselves.

Sandcastle building Charmouth beach Paddling Charmouth beach

Then it was back home for tea before we headed to the fun fair which was next to the caravan site. There were only a few rides with Charley choosing to go on the big inflatable slide. It had been raining beforehand so a couple of older girls very kindly helped Charley up the steps, wiping the rain water away with the curtains they’d been given by the attendant. Charley had a great time and I was sure she’d have a great night sleep after climbing all those steps.

Inflatable slide

The next day we ended up in Sidmouth. We had a little wander around the town. I found an amazing little shop selling jewellery beads in little cup cake cases, a selection of door knobs, handles, bunting and other wonderful stuff that I resisted buying (but will probably regret) and then went onto the beach so the children could have a play (where we watched a couple of blokes snoring away in their coats, lager bottles at their heads at 4pm – I was intrigued as to what their story was – but we had to make it up for ourselves!)

Sidmouth beach

That evening we went into Lyme Regis where 5000 tea lights had been lit around the historic Cobb harbour. As we approached the harbour Elton Johns “Candle in the Wind” was playing over the speakers and with the lights glowing, it was all a bit emotional! But it did look stunning. We only stayed for a bit as the children were getting tired and it was getting late for them.

Candles on the Cobb, Lyme Regis

It was a lovely weekend away, could have just done with a few more days!

Before children

Before children……………

  • I washed my hair everyday
  • I wore high-heeled shoes most days
  • I put on a full face of make-up everyday
  • I had a lay-in most weekends
  • I drank alcohol most weekends and on weekdays
  • I went to the toilet ALONE
  • There was enough space in the toilet
  • I shaved my legs every day
  • I didn’t drink coffee
  • I didn’t go to bed feeling guilty
  • I woke up in the morning when my alarm went off
  • I’d try clothes on before buying
  • I didn’t talk about poos/wees all day long
  • I didn’t fully appreciate a night out/week away
  • I didn’t get to spend so much time with my parents
  • I didn’t get to go to the beach on a random weekday spontaneously
  • I thought I’d do it differently
  • I didn’t realise how much love, laughter and fun they’d bring (along with the tantrums, naughtiness and stubbornness)

These are just some that come to mind, I’m sure there are plenty more if you want to add some!


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