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5 pushchairs


The 5 pushchairs in our parenthood journey

When I was pregnant with Charley I couldn’t wait to go pushchair shopping. After a few years of trying to conceive and watching the new mums push their shiny new prams around towns and parks I couldn’t wait to choose my own. Little did I know how much of a minefield it would be. Did I want one for going around towns, the countryside, forward facing, rear facing? Did I need a cot, one that would fit a car seat?

5 pushchairs

Fast forward 4 years and we’ve had 5 pushchairs, and most have been much loved at various stages of our parenthood journey.

It feels like we are coming to the end of our pushchair journey and our very first pram/pushchair that Charley was gently pushed around in has now been sold on to new parents.

So I thought I’d put together my list of pushchairs we’ve owned over the last few years, many special memories accompany each one!

Mamas and papas Mpx travel system

First pushchair

The first pushchair I fell in love with. After a few visits to various baby shops and looking at pushchairs/prams we finally decided that this would be the one. I loved the colour, the way it manoeuvred, the size. It was a tad expensive but we both really took to it.

My pre- baby dreams of going for long walks with Charley in our lovely new pushchair didn’t materialise. I thought I’d be walking into our local town daily, but the truth was it was too bulky to lift up and down the stairs to our front door and as Charley fed for such long periods of time (and it took me 6 months to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public) it was a quick dash out in the car into town rather than the long, leisurely walk!

Out n About nipper (single)

Second pushchair

This was the pushchair that I thought was quite ugly to look at and had no desire for a three-wheeler when I was pregnant. However, only 3 or so months after Charleys birth we decided that an off-roader was required for walks around woods and getting down/up the steps to our front door.

Although, definitely not my first choice, this pushchair has been my absolute favourite. It has been so easy to manoeuvre, lightweight, the children have always been happy in it and it works well in towns and off-road.

McLaren techno

Third pushchair

When Charley was 6 months old we had our first holiday abroad to Spain. Our research on travelling with a little one made us think we needed a pushchair that did the umbrella fold. I’m not sure this is correct now but we ended up going for a McLaren as it seemed like a good travel pushchair. It reclined all the way back so the children have always been able to have naps in it and have always seemed comfortable in it. It’s had a lot of use as it’s so quick and easy to get in and out of the car.

Phil and Teds double

Fourth pushchair

After more pushchair shopping when I was pregnant with Bodhi we finally decided on a Phil and Teds double. Although looking lovely and compact I never really got on with this one. I found it too heavy to push, especially when they were both in it and heavy to lift in and out of the car. I really wanted to like it but it just wasn’t for me, maybe I’m a weakling!

Out n About (double)

Fifth pushchair

With Charleys diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis not long after the birth of Bodhi we needed a double pushchair so we sold the Phil and Teds and went for a double Out ‘n’ About. This was just fab and it has also been well used due to it’s lightness and easy manoeuvring.

I’ve loved my times with our various pushchairs, such great carriers for shopping too. I’m not quite sure how my arms will cope when I no longer have an excuse to use one!

How many pushchairs have you had?

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Cleaning and me


Me and cleaning

Housework, why doesn’t it ever go away! And why do I spend so much time thinking about cleaning (though not actually doing it)?

It’s a constant battle when you have children. There is always stuff to tidy away and things to clean. The house just never stays tidy or clean for long.

Cleaning and me

There are toys, stickers (oh the stickers), shreds of paper, soggy multi-grain hoops everywhere, everyday. Oh and raisins, they pop up everywhere, especially in the car and pushchairs.

Pushchairs. Oh pushchairs, in this weather with no porch. That is what I need, a porch, then I’m sure at least the floor would be cleaner. We have wooden floors so they wipe up easily at least, but twice a day on nursery days the floor is filthy!

And is mine the grubbiest pushchair out there? The children eat in them, they get pushed through the mud, sand (in summer), and I put suncream on the children whilst they are in the pushchairs meaning it gets on the straps. Do I ever clean the pushchairs? Heck no. I try to tip them upside down when I put them back in the car but do I hoover them or wash the covers. Nope. Does anyone do this? When I get one of the children out I think I should and then I forget again!

This seems to be a running trait of mine. There is a pane of glass in our house at toddler height, that I pass by most days that is covered in finger prints, its been like it for ages. I only notice it every now and again, mostly when friends are round and think I really must clean that. Then I’ll either forget or think whats the point, as soon as I clean it the finger prints will be back on it!

I do prefer the house when it is clean but with two little people I find it so difficult to keep on top of.

I don’t mind laundry, well the washing side anyway. Ironing is a pain in the bum, though I have started ironing the children’s clothes on a weekly basis. I normally leave my own clothes until I have nothing to wear and fortunately my husband does his own!

Luckily, my husband is not super tidy either, though will have sudden moments where he will have to get the bleach out.

We’re pretty good when we have friends or family staying over night. It’s usually pretty last-minute but it means the house gets a good clean, at least the parts that will be seen and slept in.

I’m definitely one of those people who has a good clean before people come (except close family, sorry Mum), and then only the rooms I can get away with. I just have to hope then that they don’t want to see the rooms I haven’t done!

I know it is a chore but there is so much more interesting stuff to be doing than cleaning, like blogging for example. Now if I didn’t blog, I would definitely have more time for cleaning.

The only thing I have a routine for is changing bed sheets and towels, everything else is down to priority!

Sometimes I think I would like a cleaner, tidier house, but what would be the price to pay. I can’t justify having a cleaner as I no longer work and there are only a couple of days a week when Charley is at nursery and Bodhi has a nap where I enjoy time to well, blog, so the housework has to fit in around the rest of our plans for the week. And I’m not going to stay in just to get the house in order.

Again, once I’ve put the children to bed, its back to me time which is generally either blogging or cooking dinner for myself and my husband. God, I’m sounding quite lazy and selfish!

Sometimes I try to do a little bit of tidying here and there and then feel a bit better about it, but I just can’t get into a routine that fits my life somehow.

Anyone else with me on this? Do you enjoy cleaning? Do you have routines/schedules for it? Or are you more like myself – I like to think a bit laid back about it?!

Let me know in the comments below!


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