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5 pushchairs


The 5 pushchairs in our parenthood journey

When I was pregnant with Charley I couldn’t wait to go pushchair shopping. After a few years of trying to conceive and watching the new mums push their shiny new prams around towns and parks I couldn’t wait to choose my own. Little did I know how much of a minefield it would be. Did I want one for going around towns, the countryside, forward facing, rear facing? Did I need a cot, one that would fit a car seat?

5 pushchairs

Fast forward 4 years and we’ve had 5 pushchairs, and most have been much loved at various stages of our parenthood journey.

It feels like we are coming to the end of our pushchair journey and our very first pram/pushchair that Charley was gently pushed around in has now been sold on to new parents.

So I thought I’d put together my list of pushchairs we’ve owned over the last few years, many special memories accompany each one!

Mamas and papas Mpx travel system

First pushchair

The first pushchair I fell in love with. After a few visits to various baby shops and looking at pushchairs/prams we finally decided that this would be the one. I loved the colour, the way it manoeuvred, the size. It was a tad expensive but we both really took to it.

My pre- baby dreams of going for long walks with Charley in our lovely new pushchair didn’t materialise. I thought I’d be walking into our local town daily, but the truth was it was too bulky to lift up and down the stairs to our front door and as Charley fed for such long periods of time (and it took me 6 months to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public) it was a quick dash out in the car into town rather than the long, leisurely walk!

Out n About nipper (single)

Second pushchair

This was the pushchair that I thought was quite ugly to look at and had no desire for a three-wheeler when I was pregnant. However, only 3 or so months after Charleys birth we decided that an off-roader was required for walks around woods and getting down/up the steps to our front door.

Although, definitely not my first choice, this pushchair has been my absolute favourite. It has been so easy to manoeuvre, lightweight, the children have always been happy in it and it works well in towns and off-road.

McLaren techno

Third pushchair

When Charley was 6 months old we had our first holiday abroad to Spain. Our research on travelling with a little one made us think we needed a pushchair that did the umbrella fold. I’m not sure this is correct now but we ended up going for a McLaren as it seemed like a good travel pushchair. It reclined all the way back so the children have always been able to have naps in it and have always seemed comfortable in it. It’s had a lot of use as it’s so quick and easy to get in and out of the car.

Phil and Teds double

Fourth pushchair

After more pushchair shopping when I was pregnant with Bodhi we finally decided on a Phil and Teds double. Although looking lovely and compact I never really got on with this one. I found it too heavy to push, especially when they were both in it and heavy to lift in and out of the car. I really wanted to like it but it just wasn’t for me, maybe I’m a weakling!

Out n About (double)

Fifth pushchair

With Charleys diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis not long after the birth of Bodhi we needed a double pushchair so we sold the Phil and Teds and went for a double Out ‘n’ About. This was just fab and it has also been well used due to it’s lightness and easy manoeuvring.

I’ve loved my times with our various pushchairs, such great carriers for shopping too. I’m not quite sure how my arms will cope when I no longer have an excuse to use one!

How many pushchairs have you had?

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5 fab things #24


5 fab things this week #24

Another week rolling by, the count down to Christmas is really on!

We’ve had a couple of shopping trips and quite a few cosy afternoons in this week.

5 fab things #24

Winchester Christmas Market

We had a trip down to Winchester Christmas market on Wednesday. Unfortunately the weather was pretty dreary but it certainly got me in the Christmas spirit seeing all the lovely Christmas stalls and ice-skating rink. There was also a stall in the main high street that sold the biggest doughnuts I’ve ever seen, I just had to get some!

Winchester christmas market

Getting cosy at home

We’ve had the fire on a few nights this week as the temperature seems to have dropped. It makes it so warm and cosy I could nearly nod off!

Cosy fire

Shopping afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon in Guildford shopping. I didn’t get to tick any more Christmas presents off my list but I did get an outfit for a christening I’m going to from my new favourite shop Zara. Charley had a good roll around the floor whilst in there. The floor is particularly shiny!

Rolling on floor in Zara

Bodhi even had a sleep in the pushchair so we had a peaceful stop for a cuppa.

Belly laughs

Charley loves playing with her cup of water at tea time, either cooling her food down in it or washing her hands in it, why wouldn’t you?! This week she found that dropping a pen lid in it and causing the water to jump out hilarious, as did Bodhi watching. She was having real belly laughs.

Belly laughs


Having missed a few weeks swimming due to illness and then because we were all too cosy in bed to get up (first lesson is at 8am on a Saturday!!!!!) it was actually really good to get back in the pool and it was so so so warm in there. The children are really enjoying their lessons, it’s just a little bit too early on a weekend morning!! Yawn!

Hope you’ve had a good week!

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5 fab things this week #22

Wow, the weeks are rolling by, it seems like only yesterday I was writing my last weekly round up.

I’ve really enjoyed (most) of this week, I had a few things planned with the children and an unplanned meet up with some mums from Charleys nursery. We also had a lovely Saturday visiting family, and then a quiet Sunday due to Bodhi having a rash, although he seems fine in himself.

Unfortunately a routine check up for Charley has resulted in disappointing news. She’s now got Uveitis (simple terms inflammation in her right eye) meaning she is on steroid eye drops  3 times a day for the next 4 weeks until we go back to the opthalmologist. The first attempt at getting the eye drops in wasn’t great so if anyone has any tips they’d be gratefully received!

Anyway, on to the positive!

5 fab things this week

A trip to Little Street

The children had a great time at Little Street. There is a mini-scale street with a hairdressers, supermarket along with ride-on toys, a construction are and doctors. Worth a visit in you are close by.

Visit to Little Street

Mummys coffee morning

One of the mums at Charleys nursery organised a coffee morning at their house this week. It was lovely to meet up with some other mummy’s and finally put names to faces of the little ones. Everyone was so lovely and I was really pleased I’d gone along. It did make me feel grown up though as there was a bit of talk about the schools we were hoping our little ones would be going to next year. Makes me feel like a proper responsible mummy!

Crafty time

One afternoon I got organised and did some craft with the children. I thought we would have a go at rolling some conkers around in some paint in a big cardboard box and also do some leaf painting. Neither went according to plan. Charley did have a great time though painting the bottom of the box and her arms until they were a lovely brown colour whilst Bodhi had fun taking the lids on and off the paint pots. Neither of them had any interest in painting leaves!

Craft time

Sibling laughs

Charley and Bodhi have been quite cute to watch together this week. They enjoy a bit of rough and tumble, which starts in lots of giggles and normally ends with Bodhi in tears. He really likes blowing raspberries on her tummy at the moment too! When Charley was watching CBeebies he went and sat next to her on the floor, it was really sweet to see!


Shopping in Guildford

I had a few things to get in town this week so all three of us popped in for some lunch. Charley decided she needed her sunglasses on and looked super cute! I even managed to start my Christmas shopping, with both the children with me.

Shopping in sunglasses


How has your week been? Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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Fun in town with little ones


Fun in town with little ones

I’ve always enjoyed shopping, whether it be for clothes, food, toys, whatever I’m one of those people that could stay in town for the whole day, as long as I get a few coffee stops I’m happy.

Fun in town with little ones

Since children, it’s fair to say shopping is not quite the same experience as it used to be. Supermarket trips can be a bit fraught so I tend to do that online (especially as I spend less) but I still enjoy going around a town. Even if I just get to see some clothes quickly as I’m following Charley around.

I think Charley may have inherited mine and my mums love of towns as well. Ever since she was tiny she’s been taken into town shopping. We don’t get much shopping done and I hardly ever try on clothes now but just being in a town makes me happy.

I enjoy:

  • Going with my mum (and the children) which makes it easier
  • Lunch in the Continental Cafe that sells kids food for reasonable prices, has books for the kids to read and is like sitting outside although it’s actually under cover
  • Looking at clothes (albeit quickly)
  • An afternoon stop for coffee (and sometimes cake)

Charley enjoys:

  • Feeding the ducks in the River Wey on the way into town
  • Watching the pigeons in the high street
  • Listening to the street musicians and putting money in their cases
  • Jumping from the kerb onto the cobble high street
  • Running up and down the ramp in boots
  • Looking at make-up
  • Spraying perfume (since nanny has been looking for a new perfume)
  • Laying on the floor in M&S (not sure why)
  • Walking through the clothes in M&S
  • Reading the books in waterstones
  • An afternoon stop for a juice and biscuit

Once Bodhi is walking properly things will change again, but until then I will keep enjoying my trips into town.

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