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The Elusive Sleep

Ah sleep! An undisturbed night of sleep would be so welcome at the moment. It feels so rare that we get a full night of sleep with no feet traipsing into the bedroom, little bodies wanting to snuggle into our bed, someone wanting a wee, or having had a bad dream. Nearly a year ago… Continue reading The Elusive Sleep

Bodhi at 20 months
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Bodhi at 20 months

I can't believe Bodhi is 20 months already. He seems to be developing so much at the moment, turning into a real little boy. Its so lovely to see and I'm glad I've found a little place to record it. Weight & clothes size He's about 26lb according to our scales at home. He has a huge… Continue reading Bodhi at 20 months


Bedtime battles and a reward jar

At the end of last year I was feeling a little bit smug about how well my children were sleeping (daughter nearly 4 and son 20 months). They were both settling relatively easily and sleeping through the night. However, it's getting towards the end of January and the sleep of my eldest is still not… Continue reading Bedtime battles and a reward jar

Bodhi at 19 months
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Bodhi at 19 months

I started blogging to capture memories and milestones of the children. Bodhi is still at an age where his development changes on a monthly basis, so I wanted to record these times before I forget them. I've been having a bit of a blogging break over Christmas so I'm a bit late with this months… Continue reading Bodhi at 19 months

In need of a new routine?

In need of a new routine?

After posting how good Bodhi is sleeping at night and napping in the day in his 18 month update, last week he decided he's not so keen on napping! Arghhhh. It's like he's suddenly realised that there is fun stuff going on downstairs and he doesn't want to miss it. For ages he was having… Continue reading In need of a new routine?